Monday, September 30, 2013

Pink N' Proper's Bikini Summer Pool Party

Quickie on Pink N' Proper's Bikini Pool Party!
Recently, PNP has launched their bikini collections which is highly trendy, sophisticated and beautiful at Mai Bar, rooftop, Aloft  KL. Ranging from monokinis to high-waisted bikinis to bandeau bikinis without falling in quality.

This was my first time been to Mai Bar, and surprisingly there's a rooftop pool!

I felt myself was at Marina Bay Sand, Singapore OMG. Look at the view! It's KLCC! We can swim while enjoying the beautiful view in KL, how amazing! Can't wait to bump into the pool!

Here's my partner, Chency again! We were too shy to show our body fats we decided to hide it under some clothes. How's my makeup? Red lips + Red Hair + Red Monokini!

High-waisted bikinis were the highlight during the showcase. All the hot girls with PNP latest bikini collections!

Coincidentally, guest blogger, Cindy wore the same high-waisted bikini like the model, Alice did. Sister outfit huh.

This was the bikini I chose from PinknProper. Rachel Red Monokini.

It's actually my 2nd bikini from PNP. I got my first bikini from them during the spa party with The Butterflies Project. Refer here.

After the showcase, it's time to selca with all my sexy babes! Shouldn't miss out any chance to snap pictures at this awesome places.

 Sophisticated looking with Chency!

 With both Cindy and Chency! OMG Chency looked so much slimmer d :0

 Alice with her innocent face. 

 With pretty Cindy!

With Karena, the Youtuber. 
Used to watch her in Joseph Germani's video but now I got to meet her in real! \0_0/

Group shot with Agnes and Ah Mei (from the right), China Glaze's person in charge.

With all the models. We looked like models as well *shameless* =p

Big thanks to all the awesome collaborators for making this showcase a success!

-Deliver worldwide
-Clothing are 100% imported from United Kingdom and with authenticity assured.
-Goods are returnable or exchangeable for free within 7 days after receiving.

Feel free to visit for more. They are lauching Prom collection soon!

p/s: Resources from Angeline and Nick


  1. The suits looks modest and nice. :)
    And Corona's to drink! That's lovely.

    1. Haha, get one for your GF then :p I dont really drink much

  2. Love all the high waist bikinis, so pretty :D

    1. Do get one babe from :) So you will be the sexiest one during beach party

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