Friday, September 6, 2013

Pink N' Proper Bikini Launch!

Whenever people talk about Summer, first thing that come across my mind, will be definitely BIKINIIIIIIII and pooool! Who else don't wanna bump into the pool and cool yourself during the hot season!
Well, after Lipstiq's Summer Pool Party, and now Pink N' Proper is going to launch a Bikini Summer Pool Party! Hehe, what to say, it's so HOT and extremely SEXAY!

In order to get all the girls Summer-Ready, Pink N’ Proper have their first collection launched under their own brand labelled “Pink N’ Proper”, inspired by this season's retro trend, they are bringing high-waisted bikinis back into fashion, along with brightly coloured bikinis and monokinis!
Check out their Bikini's collections here.
For those who is as hot as Lisa or as short and not-too-hot like me, don't hesitate to join us! Haha, because we just wanna have fun, not taking part in pageant!

RSVP here or send an email to to register!
And guess what, they are having a giveaway as well! So no worry if you don't own a bikini, you can still join the giveaway and win ONE for the pool party!

Giveaway Steps to win:
1) Sign up at
2) Like PinknProper at
3) Like this picture and share this giveaway. Remember to set the shared picture to “public” view.
4) “Who are all the four collaborators and what is the Dress Code for the event?” Email your answers and your FB Username to hello@pinknproper. Click here for answers >

Easy Peasy! 
To suit my sweet looking face, here's my favorite bikini from PinknProper. 
The luxury Malibu High-waisted Bikini, as Chency recommended! I love the floral print and it's off shoulder top, I have no much confidence showing my short and fat body haha! So this will be great to camouflage abit of my fats!
No worry if you have no good body figure, because you will never be as worse looking as mine haha! Come and join us NOWWWW! Limited seats are available!

For more information, visit or check their latest update on Facebook.

*Recent giveaway*

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