Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trying to look like a Japanese Girl

I have been called as Japanese during my secondary school time. Maybe it's because of my height. Looking petite and making me cute hahahaha. I have always wanted to dress like a Japanese, imitating the models in Popteen magazine, the way they make up and even the way they pose for photography.

To look more alike Japanese, I did a new hair style again with my pretty cool looking red hair. Well, let you guys have a brief imagine on my new hair style. Something alike with the picture below.
(PC to Google)
It's my first time been to Q Hair Works, they have quite a few outlet at KL and PJ area. Erm, so sorry I can't manage to capture in a good angle.
This is the new outlet at ss17. They are having promotion for new opening for only RM2.80 on hair cut!

When I have my first step into the hair studio, it's comfortable and spacious, with some sentimental song playing in the shop. It's probably a relaxing hairdo!

So, here's a before of my hair. I have to mention here as my hair are totally spoil as I did quite a few times of hair dying and I curl my hair frequently. Especially the mermaid dye part, I bleached my hair, it damaged terribly, with lotsa split ends.
Well...let's see... They were going to curl my hair...
 OMG, I looked like Elvis Presley here.

Jeng Jeng, the final result. Slight changes on hair color, as in curling process required high temperature and chemical products.

 This is Eda, my personal hair stylist. She is so cheerful and friendly, we talked non-stop during the hair-do process.

For my readers, Code my name and you will be having 30% discount for all chemicals, hair treatment and hair cut!

Do I look dolly? :p

For more information, visit Q Hair Works.

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