Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hair Makeover by Shiseido Malaysia

Not a review post, but some Hair Session sharing here...
So, here's the part of the 'hair collections' for these two years. Not to notice my face features have changed, but the hair color too haha!
Well, after being the outstanding one for about 2 years, I guess it's time to back to the basic and ordinary me...

I was so lucky to be invited by Alison to have a hair makeover session with a Hair Stylist who came all the way from Japan. My hairs have a got big issue to deal with where all the hair stylist found it irritating and annoyed when they came over my hair color. It's hard to remove the blue/turquoise dye on my hair even though we have tried for around 3 times? Clashing with red dye, doing a darker tone color, yet the blue/turquoise dye still remained, it did turn my hair appeared to be two or three tones in the end.
Here's come the solution that せんせい suggested to dye the 'dark brown' color on my hair as I hope there're none of the bleaching session involved. To make the dark brown look extraordinary, he suggested to do some high light in low tone on the surface of my hair, to enhance some hair complexion under the sun. So, I have gotten my dark hair tone like that and I was satisfied with it!
Thanks to Alison, Zack, せんせい , translator and all the hair stylists in Shiseido for being so friendly and helpful in doing the hair color.

I have always wanted to get to basic after being so 'chok' for the past few years. Finally, I did. It maybe something that I am not used to be,but it's good to back to the old me. My hair look much healthy and my skin complexion looks better in darker hair tone.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day people!


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