Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Series

As the new year arrived, Shiseido MAQuillAGE has entered a new stage whereby aiming to bring a whole new experience in make up which is more fun and with full of excitement! Wanting all women to enjoy make up and fashion, it's not only a pure necessity!

 The Launch
I was so excited when receiving the email from Shiseido, because I knew it's gonna be an awesome day! Definitely, we have so much of pawsome fun during the MAQuillAGE Dramatic launch at Pavilion KL! Not only creatively painting the face chart with MAQuillAGE range, experiencing all their products, but also full makeover from Shiseido!

As a makeup artist, I don't really used to being makeup by some other people maybe it's the pride issue haha! Or I just think that they don't know about my face features well and which part of it that I wanted to enhance on.

But this makeup artist just showed me his great skills, flawless skin, great contours and also the fantastic thick straight brows! No wonder they said, guys' makeup artist always do the great job! =O
Here's my overall ladylike look with MAQUillAGE! I love how I looked here, looking abit like the Korean *buay paiseh*

Besides putting on makeup, I did enjoy the time spent with my babes. Mingled around and sharing our opinions on the products.

Groupfie with the gals right before the event ended!

MAQuillAGE Dramatic Series
MAQuillAGE has bring in the new mood of being 'Ladylike', with femininity, elegance and a touch of sophistication.
Here's the Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic series -

  • Dramatic Melting Rounge,a new series of lipsticks,
  • Dramatic Mood Veil, a set of blusher and highlighter combined into a palette,
  • Dramatic Mood Portion, a fragrance for body and hair, 
  • True Eye Shadow (limited edition)

♥Dramatic Mood Veil
Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Mood Veil, a powdery cheek/ face color that comes with 5 colors and 5 textures. This long lasting face color enhance face features, retain the initial lustrous and dull-free finish.

It comes with a dual-end brush with a dome-shaped sponge and soft fibers brush at each side for easy and quickly application.
Available in 2 colors:
PK200 - Evoke a gentle and natural rosiness.
RD100 - Evoke a gorgeous and brightful impression.

Price: RM141 | RM91 (Refill)

True Eye Shadow
Shiseido MAQuillAGE True Eye Shadow (limited edition), a combination of 5 trendy colors that blends well in to the skin with lasting clear colors.
Main color is shimmer purple, paired with gold and peach colors as highlighter, whereby black as the line color which use to line the dotted between lashes. The bronze color as a blending color that add in a sense of harmony to Asian eyes and skin.

Price: RM150

Dramatic Melting Rounge
Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Melting Rounge, a liptick that formulated with 'beauty oil' and Shiseido exclusive 'phase separation technology', it gives your lips the optimal balance with brilliant shine and color, leaving you with the highest level of luxury to lips. With the dramatic packaging design, it shows the awakening of a woman's beauty, igniting the sparks of every woman in daily life.
Available in 10 shades from the lightest pink shade to darkest velvet shade,which perfectly infuses the lips of women from all ages with a sensual touch.

Price: RM90

Dramatic Mood Potion
Dramatic Mood Potion, an oil based fragrance that perfectly designed to provide moisture to the skin and hair while exuding an elegant aroma. The scent depicts cleanliness and sweetness with white floral and rose that blends.

Price: RM106
*All the products are available at all Shiseido Counters.

My Favorites!
Among the Dramatic series, the cheek or face colors are my favorites of all! The colors make my skin glow naturally in pink, with an addition of shimmering effect. It absolutely suits any occasions as it brings you the most youthful and natural looking. I think all of the girls should invest one of the cheek colors from this series and you will know it's worth to do so. And you know what? It's refillable! =)

For more information and products details, please feel free to visit:
Shiseido Official Website: https://www.shiseido.com.my/


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