Friday, March 20, 2015

Presentation Makeup Look!

Hello all! 
Today I am going to do a simple make up tutorial right here. I do believe that not everyone of us (girls) knows how to put on make up, some may prefer some light make up that suits every daily casual or formal occasions, some may also fond of speed-makeup. So, before starting up with my tutorial, here's some candy eyes 'Before & After' the make up.

That's a huge different, O-B-V-I-O-U-S-L-Y.

Lets start!
Apply some toner or moisturizer before applying any base, it can enhance your skin texture, creating nature glowy and moisture effect on skin. That's also one of the significant step to achieve Korean natural dewy skin. After some basic skincare, you can start off with base, for instance CC Cream, BB Cream, foundation and etc. Hereby I am using Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream as base and I gonna skip the concealing step.

After the base, do make sure to apply some loose powder or compact powder to keep your make up matte and long lasting. Apply more below your eyes area and T zone area. Hereby, I am using Legere Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder.

For me, brows are my soul! I have very little eyebrow hair and I believe that keeping the habit of doing the brows make me look absolutely great everyday or even stand out in some sort of in-prompt-to selfie.

Do any brows your prefer or you can just follow your own brows shape, but filling in the gap with
 eyebrow powder or pencil. Hereby, I am doing a pair of straight brows with Collection Work the Color Eyebrow kit. For beginner on brows, eyebrow powder works the best for you, yet make sure you trim your brows before any brows application.

Save your time on curler, use the Benefit Roller Lash! With 'Hook and Roll', you get your curl an lift lashes. Time to wink!

To save up more time and work, you can neglect either one of the steps (mascara application or eyeliner)! A thin eyeliner above your upper lash line is just nice! Remember less is more, the more fine your eyeliner is, the more natural looking you are. I'm using Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner in Brown.

 To look more energetic, take the blush! I'm using Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Mood Veil RD 100. Cheeky cheeky. It definitely boost up your look, don't try to neglect this step!

Last but not least, to make yourself not to look like a walking dead, lip stain! Hereby, I'm using the most natural color Shizens Lip Tattoo, which tend to stain and moisture my lips for whole day long!

 Tadaaa~ You're done! The nude make up for presentation day, stay natural and less.

You can also curl your hair with natural wave. I've personally explored a new kind of curler, unlike any other curling tong out there, it's a heat roller! Which you can simply blast and roll your hair, do your make up while waiting it to heat up and finish. Stay tune on the next blog post for more update on the heat roller set! =)

~ Star Product ~
Of course, without a complete base, we can't finish up our presentation make up look. A base is a foundation to cover up our uneven skin tone, blemishes or any flaws. Hence, finding a suitable base is indeed important to solve your current skin condition. I've found Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF 40 PA++ works quite well.

Product details:  
Made in Korea. Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream is a multinational skin care and make up product. 

Hyaluronic acid (moisture, brightening effect and sebum control)

- Whitening
- Anti-wrinkle
- Sun screen    
- Sebum control
- Unique smart color system which can blend and fit well with all skin tone
** Paraben-free, alcohol-free


RM89   RM71.20


It comes in creamy form in skin tone shade.

Without covering the original skin tone, this cream blend well with all kind of skin tone, pull out the natural beauty of individual skin tone which look much healthier and natural.

It's clear to see that the coverage level of this cream great enough to cover up the dark circle and red blemishes on my cheek. Meanwhile, even up my skin tone with nature glow.

My thoughts 
It really blends well with my skin, quite effective in covering blemishes and pores, even the dark circle, bringing up my most natural side, even though with only one layer of the cream. Yet, I found it's too dry for me, definitely giving the sticky-free feeling. For those who has oily skin, do try this out. 

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