Saturday, July 11, 2015

CRES Wellness Facial Therapy: Time Release AquaCell Yoga Visage

Finally got to visit CRES Wellness! 
I've actually being introduced by a blogger friend about vising CRES for facial treatment for quite a long while, as I was told that CRES provides quality treatments at affordable price.

Lets see!
offers female with customized, luxurious solutions that help them achieve a high level of wellbeing, executed by the best beauty therapists, with custom-treat of each mind, body and spirit, based on the revolutionary products of Cellnique Paramedical, namely the Asia’s first paramedical skincare brand. 

So, I was given a choice to choose my preference CRES outlets, so here am I at CRES Wellness, Kepong. The nearest branch for me teehee. I've always passed by the shop but never been inside. I was getting real excited.
Start with the interior design of the shop! When I walked in, I was impressed by the ornaments of the shop, it was so elegant, clean and tidy.
Everything was so nicely placed on the shelf that reminded me of my trip at Lexis Hibiscus, the blue of sky and oceans.
No worry for those who waits, there was always a waiting zone, with an exquisite purple couch and magazines to quench your boredom.
Here's the consultation room, pretty plain yet with most privacy. In the consultation, I was briefed with the facial services that I'll be having - Time Release AquaCell Yoga Visage.

Time Release AquaCell Yoga Visage

Duration: 120 minutes

Price: RM450

A treatment that provide full solution for skin hydration, reinforce the skin architecture, maximizing the skin absorption and keeping the skin moisture level last for days.

Products used and Ingredients: 
Visage Oxy Masque, Visage Balancing Aqua, Visage H2O Concentrate, Biodynes

Utilizing the yeast ferment mixture to produce Biodynes, yeast cells which can calm, sooth, smooth and moisturize the skin. Meanwhile, Biodynes increase cellular activities that boost cell renewal, promote the synthesis of procollagen and hyaluronic that reduce skin discoloration and improve the skin texture, promote wound healing and generate internal moisturizer.

  • Restore moisture to the skin and keep our skin with hydrous balance.
  • Regulate osmotic pressure between cells and the environment.
  • Encourage hydrous flow balance that helps preserving optimum cellular water/cell volume.
  • Provide a protective barrier to surround the newly added moisture.
  • Retain the moisture in the hydrous reservoir for lasting moisturization.
  • Increase oxygen intake of living cells and cellular respiration.
  • Provide a time-release mechanism for continuous moisturizing that last for days.

Headed on to the room inside,they were really sweet to even get the hair dryer ready! FYI, our hair get real messy after every facial treatment, especially the bangs.

My thoughts
I really enjoyed the facial at CRES because CRES did concern every single area on my face, especially the eyes area, which actually shouldn't be neglected. Guess the reason why all the eye gel or serum selling around. I've experienced quite a number of facial services out there, yet it's kinda disappointing as they always used to skip the eyes area. CRES really awed me with their eyes massage and even eyebrow trimming which the usual facial outlet didn't care about.

Besides the extraction process was painless, I can feel the instant hydration within my skin, much supple with less skin peeled off, not even my face, but my eyes as well. I knew most of you hate the greasy feeling on skin after facial, but my overall face didn't turn out oily at all after the treatment. I would definitely love to pay my second visit at CRES again!

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