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Shu Uemura Summer Foundations - skin:Fit

Welcoming the arrival of Summer, Shu Uemura has come out with the Summer Foundations, highlighting the thin yet lasting face make up! 
Being an Asian, especially Malaysia, a powerful refreshing and breathable lasting face make up is important as we are staying in such humid and hot country. We tend to sweat all the time even when we are having out brunch and it's just the walking distance. We start to see the foundation become cakey or even smear. Let me share something different to you guys!

Here's my first approach with water foundations from Shu Uemura and I'm glad to be part of their launching of the first ever Cosmetic Water Foundation - skin:Fit

The Launch
The launching took place at Proof Cafe & Sky Lounge @ the Signature. The place was so perfectly decorated even though with only monotone. Black furniture paired with white sunflower, so classy and elegant.
Taadaaa, here's the preview of skin:Fit. It comes in almost a palm size transparent glass bottle which just nice to hold with. Not too heavy and easy to carry around for touch up purpose.
Totally amazed with the demonstration, the make up was just a sheer layer, so natural yet flawless. Can't wait to see it looks on my skin!

Shu Uemura skin:Fit, it is being known for its lightweight fit - breathable coverage - lasting fresh complexion - SPF30 Pa++, that's perfect for this Summer!

What so special about this foundation?
  • Sheer and flawless finish make up
  • Soft, matte and natural complexion
  • Shine- control
  • UV protection up to SPF 30 PA+
  • Last up to 12 hours with proven studies
Formula used and Ingredients:
In order to achieve the sheer finishing make up and long lasting effect, Shu Uemura has developed the bi-phase formula, which is the oil-free formula that found in skin:Fit.

Meanwhile, to get rid the both sebum and water solution which we concerned the most, Shu Uemura has come across the Triple Powder Complex, a unique blend of Perlite, Airlicium and soft focus powder that can rapidly absorb sweat and sebum in order to keep the make up last for hours. With this special combination of Powder Complex, our pores are gently cover up with abundance of hydration even in a sheer layer.

Besides, the ingredients of mint and pomegranate extract  helps creating a refreshing and comfort sensation to the skin, generating the skin care properties like anti-aging effect.


The texture is pretty watery, yet it is very lightweight and thin. Eventually, it perfectly blends into the skin and even up the skin tone, creating transparent bare make up.
*Shake well before usage

Available shades:

There are 12 shades in total, with yellow and pink undertone that suits all skin tone.
Available in all Shu Uemura stores.

Of course a good foundation should be paired with its own compatible applicator. So, here's the new skin: Fit Pentagon Brushing Sponge, the dual sided sponge which inspired by the mizu oshiroi in Japan!
The peachy side (on Left) indicate the brush area, with fine and tiny hairs on it, which used to brush the foundation on whereby the white side (on Right) indicate the sponge area, which used to fit the foundation into the skin.

Here's the final result of application  with the 'Brush and Fit technique' using the Pentagon Brush Sponge and skin-Fit water foundation!This shade works so magically and it simply blends into our skin tone, so naturally and flawlessly.

The pores and some red blemishes on the face are perfectly covered although with only a thin layer. To fully cover the dark circle, gently dab and fit with another layer of the foundation using the pentagon brush sponge. The hydration on face is just fine, it doesn't appear to be cakey but smooth.

So, to proof its long lasting effect, here's the make up after an hour and 5 hours. Not much difference, but there's only a slight oil shine on the T zone area after 6 hours. I didn't feel any stickiness or uneasy feeling on my face, the make up was still looking great! Of course, it has become one of my favorite foundation ever, it just looks like my own skin!

RM148 | 30ml | A box with both skin-Fit foundation and Pentagon Brush Sponge

For more product information, please feel free to visit Shu Uemura at
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