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Mary Chia Signature Weight Management Programme: Intensive Weight Loss

I guess Mary Chia is no strange to everyone of you, as we can see their outlet all around, in Mid Valley, Tropicana City Mall, One Utama, Sunway Pyramid and even Sutera Mall and Plaza Pelangi in Johor Bahru.

Mary Chia, being the first beauty and slimming service provider to be listed on Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST) in 2009, it has stand still in the market of Singapore for more than 30 years, moving from a tiny company into an international group.

Mary Chia has achieved more than half a million Singaporeans beauty and slimming dreams, with its five star ambience, high-tech facilities which equivalence to medical specialist and professional service team that offer fast, effective and safe treatments.
I was so glad to be part of the blogger community and enjoy their signature weight Management Programme.
After being briefed on the programme and having a short consultation, I was led to place my thing in the locker.

I was so surprise to witness such high-tech locker that memorize our thumbprints instead of the usual locker that asking us to keep the keys. It was definitely an unusual experience for me which was much safer as being a clumsy person like me, I might lose the key somewhere else.
 So, in the locker, there were a pair of slippers, a clothing to change and also some sort of shower cap.
After changing in such luxury room which is just right beside the locker, I was led to another room for BMI analysis.
I was briefed with my weight and body fats analysis. Luckily, I was still the average one between the scale of under-weight and over-weight. BUT, I was suggested to cut down 4-5kg of weight in order to achieve the ideal body shape. This process was kinda frustrating as I always hate to reveal my weight and those figures that note my fats amount. Nah, but you can't see it here haha.
Without hesitating, swiftly I was brought into a room and carried on with Stage 1: Air Pressure Slimmer.
A process which much alike to the doctor checking our blood pressure in clinic, so they did it on my feet. Instant air will be filled into the slimmer, and when it's fulled, the air will be released again. This step will be repeated for 15 minutes to compress and relax our body. In this stage, it helps to activate our lymphatic system, increase our lymphatic metabolic rate, promote blood circulation and encourage the flow of lymph fluid to prevent any accumulation of lymph nodes or even dropsy.
After that, I was led to another room to carry out the Stage 2: Vibration Bed which lasted for 15 minutes.
This was a special technology from Japan, where the bed will vibrate (full body) aggressively according to your favor, the vibration level can be tuned up or down. I was told that laying down on the vibration for 15 minutes is equivalent to 45 minutes of exercise and it can burn up to 500 calories in our body. Meanwhile, there's some bearable heat generated beneath the bed, to heat up and increase our body metabolism rate. The overall process helps burning fats and also shaping up our body.
In Stage 3: Sauna Treatement, I was brought into a sauna room to carry on with sweating process for 15 minutes. This treatment helps to flush away excess water from our body. No worry if you're bored, there were books!
In the final stage which is Stage 4: Full Body Wrap, I was advised to wrap my body for 2 hours to helps keeping our body warm and promote blood circulation. I am free to do anything I want during this duration, so I've decided to go for shopping. Yup, with my body sealed and wrapped LOL. I was suggested to remove the wrappers when I feel any itchiness and discomfort.
I was brought to a gorgeous place where they called it - the waiting zone when I was waiting my boyfriend to pick me up. I was recommended to take in more water after the treatment as I've lost a lots of water throughout the treatment, to prevent dehydration.

My Thoughts:
Overall process was fast and I can feel my sweat, like pouring rain! I felt instantly refreshing and of course much healthier teehee. Yet, I doesn't see much effect on the weight loss, guess after a few treatments, the result will be significant. After all, I felt tired and sleepy LOL like I've been exercising for 10 hours. Some people may feel dizzy or even diarrhea after the treatment, its due to the loss of water in the body.Take in more water should be alright!

Intensive Weight Loss
Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Results: Body toning and contouring, Detoxification, Weight Loss

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For more information, please feel free to visit Mary Chia on
Official Website:
Instagram: @marychiamalaysia
Contact Number: 016-7106861


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