Saturday, March 9, 2013

Backstage - Giorgio Armani

-------    My second backstage    -------
I am going to blog every of my backstage experience.

i was told by my guru that we are going to work for a big event on backstage's Giorgio armani
An eye ware collection show.

i was kinda shocked
it's a really well-known brand wtf

The models that we were going to makeup for
were "Ang Mo" (Non-Asian)

i was so excited yet scared
Excited that i can try to do make up on special and new faces(Non-Asian's features)
as those non-asians have 3-dimensional face features.
i'm afraid of spoiling the makeup and ruin the show =.=

Head on to show some photos that we took during the backstage job!
we gone real mad because all the models there were gorgeous and friendly
we have so much fun doing make up for them

 My model of the day
i did light brown smokey on her.
she did look gorgeous!
This was the make up team lol ,
we were having McD as our dinner
(From above to bottom, Susu, Sherman and Fish)
My fish and I xD
we are from PJ campus, while Susu and Sherman are both from Timesquare

Before the show started,
right on the stage.
Having a try being on the stage like a superstar with all the medias and audience below watching at you LOL
They are so damn tall..
check out who's the short one wtf *eyes rolled*

Follow up with the photos that's also showing how extreme - superb short am I

i'm so sorry that i can't manage to memorize each and every name of the model ..zzz

haha..the freaking cute and sunshine-looking fellow.
lol..they said the guy on right looks like Harry Potter haha
he is damn funny anyway xD
 with other models.
thanks for bending to capture a perfect picture with similar height of mine lol

i am so short wtf

End up with a photo of all the models for Giorgio Armani Eye ware collection
Glad and nice to working with you guys.


MOooorrrreeeee ? BTS?

my photo of pervert act
 Jealous leh ? haha xp
i was on cloud of nine damn!
Last one.. ugly face....
with the caption of "i am enjoying" xD

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