Sunday, March 31, 2013

Backstage - Keith Kee's show

As i mentioned in my previous post, i will blog every single backstage experience of mine :D
This time we were working on Keith Kee's show at Sunway resort!

In case you don't know who is Keith Kee,
Keith Kee is a bridal designer in Malaysia.
Keith's design philosophy is creating a a dress that a bride dreamed of wearing on her wedding day.
He believes that a wedding gown can flatter a woman's natural shape and curve, indeed, showing her inner beauty and fully express her own characteristic, style and dream. But not only a mimic of latest trend.

For more services, check here

It was my pleasure working with him and my friends, as i really got a lot of experience from this backstage job.
It was my very first time experienced how hustle-bustle the backstage was, like what we saw in drama or movie. Every model need only 5 minutes to change in each round and each model assists by 5 to 6 stylists. Changing dress, putting up hair accessories and touch up within this 5 minutes. So we need to move very fast! And this 5 minutes is just in a blink of eyes, then we need to assist the next model.

This show was held at Sunway Resort. All the guests were dressed up so well just to stick with the theme of this show.
Guess the theme? They looked like princess :0
They did put on effort with their hairs, make-ups and dresses. So adorable.

My model of the day. Such a gorgeous woman with sharp features!

Snapping photo with this half-pink hair guy, Susu from Time Square. Such a awesome hair but i don't dare to dye ...zzz

A male model who is on my age ,yet we have distinctive height wtf

Followed up with group shots!

Keith Kee with all the models.

 Love this model, Amanda ,who is ACA graduate!
 She is so gorgeous!
 A shot with my model.

Ended up this post with my ugly photo of the day while the model carried me on one arm OhMiGod...
I wondered why my face looked like this? Maybe too excited lol

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