Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ice Tower!

Haha, i am a food lover. Obviously shown because i'm such petite woman.
So for those who loves food, read and follow my blog! :D

It's a short post since i know you guys are lazy read and i am lazy to write too xD xp
so it's better i show you guys some photos instead of words-loaded post.

Guess what's today food review?'s the Fruit ice Pick
(It costs RM 12.90, a happy threesome of blueberry, mango & strawberry ice complete with nata de coco, pearls, taro balls & mango)
It's abit the look like desserts of Snowflake, yet, they are taller !
I have search on some other flavors of shaved ice which i've never try before.

Introduction from OpenRicer by DropOfContentment :
This ice tower is made out of with 3 different layers of ice. The top is the Grass Jelly Ice, the middle has Palm Sugar Ice, and the base has Soya Bean Ice! Frozen red beans are strategically placed to mark the borders between the sections of the tower.

Maybe you guys can try this out ! :D

For more, you can check out their official website, Pick-me-up
And for my info,there's a branch at Jalan Kuchai Lama



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