Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nuffnang 6th B'day Bash!

Firstly, thanks for the invitation from Nuffnang :D

Without the invitation,
i can't join this awesome party, meeting all my favorite bloggers, Jane, Cheesie and Audrey in real haha
(but i dont dare to snap photo with them *sucha coward*)

By the way there're great foods and beverages, most importantly that we were having so much fun! Enjoy watching all the performances.

This was my make up and outfit of the day
a bit the too "Hot" lol

as i don't really know how it feels in the club which is so crowded
now i knew, it's really hot! 
No more clothing with long sleeve in the club lol
 We spent a blasting night at Lust, KL.

After doing our registration at the receptionist table,we signed on the wishing wall!
wishing Nuffnang "happy 6th birthday!"

Later on,the nuffy there help to snap a photo of us  at the photo booth. 
I was quite impressed with the Nuffnang Birthday Bash at Singapore, they did Retro. Yet, we have our dress code too
which is Green, pink, red, blue and yellow.

I wore a green dress, just to stick to the theme :D

This is the zoom in version from Chency's camera so you guys can read the words written on the card clearly xD
Let's get into the party scene!
SEE!!! Everyone was in their dress code and trendy looking!
Yet, we were not really stick to the theme which is we must dressed with headgear too :'(
  The DJ of the night which control the whole atmosphere during the party
 There were so many bloggers that night,
clearly showed how huge is this blogosphere.
This was a night which really make all the bloggers get closer and knew each other.
There were different flavors of chips sponsored by Chipster!
Yet, we didnt try any ...
there were some people who kept those chipsters in their goodie bag instead of sharing :(
The bar counter that we can grab our self some drinks :D

a photo of me :D
 DiGi's Deezer counter was set up too!
Introducing Deezer earphone and some IT stuffs!

Deezer photo booth! 
so cute with all the colorful balloons around! so dreamy :D
Camho with my dear while waiting the party to start ..xD

with the caption of "i'm eating the balloons, rawrrrr" xp
so sweet that the nuffies personalized those cards on the balloons!
nearer view of my card! it's all about leehom
actually it's from the blogpost that i submitted _all time favorite music album-leehom!

We were also given some coupons to redeem our drinks too!
so, we got our self some mock tails as side drinks for our dinner =D
it tastes real good! 
a bit the sweet and sour..hmmm..just nice's non-alcohol btw ...i'm still under age haha!
all the food prepared was Halal 

 and then, we got our self heineken before we left xD
Alcohol beverages are not allowed if you are going to drive lol
There's some live performances like dance (School Brothers) and sing.

Besides, there's also some games that can win us great prizes!
such as "cards matching game"
which can really train your memorization which can win you a vacation to Langkawi,

"song humming game" 
which can win you a  getha pillow which costs RM349,

and of course no one will go home with empty handed, 
we have lucky draw session 

yet, so unlucky,
 i didn't get any prizes lol x_X
one of the lucky draw winner who got Nuffnang T-shirt with all the nuffies' signature  !

Lastly, it's the main scene!

Tadaaaa! The cake-cutting ceremony!
It's the Nuffnang's birthdaycake!
so adorable! 

It's a stickman with it's loudspeaker!
Then,our most welcomed,Tim, 
the boss cutting the cake! 
See his face so delightful haha

The party ended at 11pm and for those who's over 21 years old can register at a counter so that they can party until midnight!
so sad that we can't LOL  

Got back home with my goodie bag.
  surprisingly there're lotsa beauty products from Melvita and Hermo, sticky notes and cookies in it!

End up this post with a photo of all the nuffies!
Happy 6th birthday Nuffnang and all the bloggers!

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