Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I up to in April?

Hi May, Please be good to me.

Recently, in April, I was busy with Astro Star Quest competition (ASQ), exam and graduation show.

It's quite embarrassing to write about this. Yet, the skin of my face is kinda thick enough to blog about this.
*laugh as much as you can*
But please make sure YOU are MORE DARING than ME, to experience all this!

On 1st of April, yeah, it's April Fool Day.
I received a call from my friend. She told me that I was in Top 70 in ASQ.
I thought it was a prank call until i found this in my mail box.
I was so lucky to be chosen as the Top 70 among 1251 people.
There were 1251 videos uploaded and I was so lucky OMG.
Actually I was just trying my luck for fun as I submitted my video in the eleventh hour.

This was the video that i submitted during the first round of audition.

So sorry for my untidiness, wearing over-sized pajamas LOL ,I knew the cloth is kinda too big /loose for me and the fellow who sold me this said that it's free size.

I went to 2nd audition few weeks ago.
Unfortunately I was out.
I knew there's no way to find any excuses for me.
They are too powerful.

20 contestants are picked among the Top 70.

Everything - My FIRST Time.
I felt that it's lucky enough for me to experience all these, meeting friends that are full of passion in music all around from our country.
 This is June Low, which is my cousin's friend's gf LOL
*kinda complicated*
 This is Michelle from Kuantan :D
I went into Astro studio for competition.
I experienced how they ran a recording in studio, I even brought my friends with me to watch the show.
I saw 蕭慧敏,阿鈺,Geraldine, Stephanie, Fione and more ASQ pre-winners.
All the friends gathered around and sang song together, we have fun together and sharing the happiest moment /memories during the competition.

Friends go FIRST while competition goes LAST.

Everything we've gone thru although it just lasted for 2 days, yet it has become a part of memory in our life, for fate, for memories.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, for you to meet someone else, for you to experience, for you to grow up, for you as a memory - I have no regret.

Stay tune with the Top 20 contestant in ASQ on 5th of May (this Saturday)!
On the TV!

By the way, do check us out at Paradigm this Friday for Amber Chia Academy (ACA) graduation show!

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