Friday, December 11, 2015

My 2016 Resolution!

Flashback of 2015

I have actually come across a lot of things in 2015. A lot of chances and opportunities. I have learnt a lot of new things and experiences.


I have actually opened up my opportunity in another career, I have earned quite a plenty of money which I have never really did for my past few years. I earned, I shopped and I spent LOL. Yeah, maybe you may think that I was really a big spender, I have bought a wardrobe of new clothes from Twenty3, which I really in love with, and then bags and skincare products, to pamper myself. Of course, never forgot about my parents. I did treat my beloved sister and mom, for tea or even dinner. I have never felt alive this way by spending my own money. I meant, I earned with my own effort and I spent it on myself and my beloved families. That happiness and satisfaction although I felt sad a little after spending the money. I felt like a grown up haha. It has been about 2 years since I requested for pocket money from my mom. Living in Sungai Long, I still have to pay for my own living, like petrol, toll, parking and rental fee. 

Trip to Taiwan
Another thing was I paid for my own flight tickets to Taiwan! A place which I  have always dreamed of going. You may be thinking that "It's just a flight ticket." "Hey, I have even traveled to 4 to 5 countries this year." "It's just Taiwan." To me, it's definitely something different to me. I have to work this hard and save money for the tickets. It's not only a single paper. My soil and my effort within.
Sunflower Farm in Taiwan
Sales in Carosell
Furthermore, I started my very first garage sale in Carousell. It was quite an impressive experience which I will blog about it sooner or later.

Unproductive blog
To be honest, I did nothing much in my blogging field, which I felt really really guilty and bad. I was kinda busy in my academic as I was closer to my final year. Nothing progressive in my blog and a tremendous drop in my statistic, which I felt really depress. 

To me, it wasn't a great year though. I can hardly recall any special events happened within this year and I have did nothing productive. I felt a bit boring and lifeless.

My 2016 resolution

Come out with my first ever Makeup Tutorial Video
FYI, I did own a Youtube Channel, I"ve always wanted to come out with my very own makeup tutorial instead of doing pictorial in my blog. Doing it in video is much in depth and clearer steps are shown. I have actually recorded a few clips, yet I found it a bit hard for me to focus with my DSLR as there will be few clips appear to be blur or out of focus. Besides, I have some issues dealing with the light source in my house. 

Earn more money
I will be soon graduating after 2 trimesters when the final semester, I will be going for intern. So, after all, I hope I can earn as much money as possible to fund my trip haha. My course-mates and I plan for a graduation trip to Bangkok, perhaps it works.

Start up my online clothing shop
I have actually planned to set up my online clothing shop for like a year ago, yet I have never really started. Another crap excuses I gave to myself, like busy with assignments. Hence, it ended up this way. Bulky clothes and waste.

Cut down my weight
Everyone has been telling me politely that I have gained weight and I did really feel that fats on my face that I can't even differentiate which part is my neck and jaw, My thigh as well, and I feel like an elephant when ever I walk, thumbing on the floor, perhaps it won't cause any disasters like earthquake. I want to cut down like 5kg and gorgeous abs instead of bloat tummy, like a replica of my photoshopped image.
Photoshopped Image
I was actually trying very hard, I ate granola and low fat cornflakes with milk, butt still it didn't work as I expected. I wasn't determine enough to complete my regular exercise due to some excuses I gave to myself.

To be a better person
I am soon heading to another world of 'Adults'. I have to deal with different people and I hope that I can change my attitude or personality a bit. Sort of bad temper, ego-ness and too convincing until i force people to listen to my orders. I am clear that I can't survive well in the industry.

A change in blog
I hope I can blog more about my personal life and travel experiences instead of flooding too much of events and products reviews. Recently, I tend to read back my previous blog posts and I felt quite disappointing with my style of writing. I hope it will be much like a story genre and sharing instead of something too direct and article. I will try to stick back to my writing style on personal life's posting, which is much approachable.

So, that's all of my 2016 resolution! How about yours?


  1. all the best in your future endeavor ~

  2. Hello Amelie!

    I like to read this kind of post from you, keep it up! Hopefully you can have all of resolutions be realised in 2016!


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