Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Brunch date @Le Pont Boulangerie

If you do follow me on social media, you may know that I have a bestie cousin. Both of us are indeed a pair of food hunter, who always hunt on all kind of food, no matter which part are they located at. This time, we have decided to hunt on Le Pont Boulangerie, Old Klang Road for a sweet escape. Thanks to all the Instagramified food porn images from the bloggers that made us so wanting to try.

After looking for parking around 30 minutes, we finally made our way into the 3-storey bakery cafe. Le Pont was named after the French word "Bridge", with a hidden meaning of bringing people together or get connected in this unique space that serves with great food and beverages. It was a bakery cafe, even for the purpose of take-and-go, serves pastry at the ground floor and fine dine is provided at upper floor.
Le Pont Boulangerie
I really love the interior here, so spacious with high ceilings, full concrete and wooden material. It gives me a classy feeling and it was definitely an instagram-worthy place. The environment was amazing as it was just a perfect meet-up point with clients, friends or even families. Here's a must shot picture with the signature backdrop here where all the social influencers took picture at. When you see this backdrop, you will recognize the place as Le Pont.

Le Pont Waffles @RM11.90

So, we started our brunch with dessert instead of any proper meal LOL. Now you know why I put on this much of weight right. We have ordered the Signature desserts, namely Le Pont Waffles, price at RM11.90. It looked kinda like the trapezium castle which made up of 4 triangular shaped waffles. It was served with 4 different type of topping, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, ice cream and berries sauce. I kinda fancy the whipped cream as it tasted just fine, not too creamy or sweet whereas the berries sauce was kinda sour. I guess it was the most delicious waffle that I have tried so far, so crispy and went so well with all the combination topping!
Croissant Ice Cream @RM10.90
Second, we have ordered on the Croissant Ice Cream. Personally, I really love breads and pastries, my favorite will be croissant and scones. This was my very first time pairing croissant with ice cream, whipped cream and pistachios. Although the whipped cream looked kinda heavy and a lot, but it really tasted just nice! You won't feel greasy at all. The croissant was crunchy and I guess ice cream was just a great match, with a little hint of cold and sweetness.

Profiteroles @RM13.90
Last but not least, we have ordered on Profiterole Ice Cream. It served with thick vanilla cream, almond flakes, ice cream and chocolate sauce which to be topped after. Maybe I'm not a fans of profiterole, I don't really like how it tasted, it was soft crunchy yet I kinda like floury.

Le Pont offers a wide range of bread and pastries, that just taste and looks the perfect. Besides, they do have monthly theme-driven special menu, serving salad, sandwiches, lamb, soup, spaghetti, burgers and etc.

Environment: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 5/5 (wide selection)
Hygiene:4/5 (It was still new)

Le Pont Boulangerie et Cafe
Jalan 1/137,
Bedford Business Park,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.


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