Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Shopping and get your cash back from ShopBack!

Another 5 more days to Christmas! OMG, I feel so excited, just can't wait to meet up with my girls on Christmas Eve! I wonder if all of you is going to do some quick Christmas shopping online for gift exchange?
Besides shopping for some Christmas pressie, I actually wish to get something for myself as well right before 2016. I guess it will be a great start for me after owning few of the new makeup products LOL.

Few days ago, I have gone through Hermo's site and hence I have made up a few items in my Christmas wishlist. Perhaps it wasn't that long haha. It was basically Pony's makeup line products from Memebox and  Pony Effect Collection. I really hope to get the contouring palette and eye shadow palettes.

Well. Few weeks back, I was quite busy with my assignments and finals. I got into a little panic as I was afraid that I can get my Christmas pressie ready before meeting the girls. Thank God! Michael Aldrich who has created online shopping trend and he helped in making shopping to be so much easier and faster. It really helps to skip queuing the long way or even carry heavy bags whenever I shop. I can now even shop when I was busy with my tasks!

Yeah, I was pretty good in multi-tasking, like doing my assignment on laptop while shop with my Ipad LOL.

Online shopping asides, I have come across a site named ShopBack recently, where it is a platform that you can get your cash back when you make purchases! 
You get it???
I shop, I spent yet I can get some of my money back! How ridiculous!
Well, it even saves more of my money to purchase more stuffs LOL

Basically, I found the mechanism is pretty easy.
Go to ShopBack site and register yourself as a member.  For me, I feel it's much easier to sign up via my Facebook account.
Then, click on any of your favorite merchant site referring on the ShopBack web page. 
No worry as ShopBack actually has more than 300 online merchant sites, any well known site that you can name, from fashion, food & beverage, electronics, books and even travel. 
After selecting your favorite merchant site, there will be a pop up box showing the percentage of money you can get after your purchase.
Lastly, you will  be directed to your merchant site and you can shop as usual! After making payment, your cash back will be credited to your ShopBack account. After few accumulation, you can cash out anytime into your banking account, in return of getting cashes!
Gosh! I can now do my Christmas shopping with one eye closes while saving my money in the other way! Imagine if you do like RM100 Christmas Shopping on Hermo, you get to save up RM4.20. If you spend RM1000, you get to save up RM42 and you manage to get another lipstick for next Christmas! 

What are you waiting??
Do your Christmas shopping now at ShopBack to get your cashback! This a new site to get cashback on your online shopping


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