Friday, December 25, 2015

My First Makeup Tutorial on Youtube

I have a confession to do, 

So yeah *drum rolls*....

My very FIRST makeup tutorial was up on my Youtube channel. Finally!!!

For years, I have been watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. I meant all kind of makeup, from lovely one till the creepy one. Something that I was really obsessed about beside some comedy videos. I quite insane in watching people in the video who initially look ugly but end up with a totally different and pretty look LOL. That is quite a reflection of me, looking distinct before and after the makeup, even in real and in photo haha!

As I have blogged earlier right in the post 'My 2016 Resolution', I decided to come out with a makeup tutorial. 
Wait no more, I have made one. My very own makeup tutorial on my channel. A look for Christmas. I guess it was just in time, for a perfect dating although it wasn't professionally done.

The makeup was actually inspired by LOVE? Yeah, FYI, I am currently in love. Not currently, but it has lasted nearly 2 years.
I named it as Sweet Christmas Date Makeup because I always got to relate pink with love, date and shy. I guess it was a great one for a date, pretty simple, light and natural, with just the basic application of CC cream, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blushes, brows and lips.

It was a rough and quick one, as I am still in the progress of learning and exploring. I wasn't really good in controlling my camera, setting up, as well as editing in Premiere Pro and After Effects. ( friends did all my video related assignments) I didn't invest much of the equipment, what ever light source, professional lenses or backdrop. But, I am willing to learn and try:)

It was a good start for me. I hope you guys will like it and show me some support by subscribing to my channel ----> Here

I will just share about everything I knew, my passion, my skills and some of my personal beauty hacks through my channel.
Fingers crossed that I will try to do more tutorials in the future. Share the video if you do love my look, or even leaving some comments.


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