Friday, May 29, 2015

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson Hotel

After reading an article about a girl who gets all her expenses to travel and staying hotel around the world paid, so yeah, I am super envy and how I wish that was me *glowy eyes*

Frankly, it's a dream job for all. A job to travel, enjoy staying in the hotel, and they're ALL PAID. Who else wanna work hard like a bull, stoning in front of the laptop in the office, meeting clients for 24/7? I've decided to do a post about hotel too hahaha....
Not really wanna achieve those god-kind of blogging level but just...
A pictures-based post on Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson where everyone was so curious about and kept asking me about my stay there on Facebook.
So, I was here earlier in April. It was a real sunny hot weather that can really burnt your skin. But, it was pretty cool to enjoy the warm sea breeze and the different shades of blue across the horizon.
The sea wasn't as bad as the forum-ers narrated, although the water wasn't crystal clear, but still it's pretty clean as long as it didn't appear  with brow or yellowish in color. There wasn't any clear huge objects flowing on the surface, but just tiny branches and leaves.
Unlike the usual hotel we stayed, all the rooms are in cabin form and on the sea. One-by-One. With in-room swimming pool and steam sauna room within.
In case you feel tired of walking from one end to the other, with your large luggage, they do provide buggy service for 24 hours.
All the staffs there were so helpful and good in manners. They will give you a huge smile and greet you when ever they see you.
All the rooms were painted in matching white and Tiffany Blue, a very unique soft turquoise blue color that utterly imitating the color of the sea!

 Interior of the room
From the outside, the room looked so fresh and giving you a cozy sensational. Yet, when you're walking into the room, it was so spacious and affluently furnished! Good enough to fit in two king size beds, just nice to fit in a small family!
I was so impressed with their TV, they do have up-to-date downloaded movies, like Insidious, Les Miserable and etc. It was so much better than throwing all the unknown channels to us.
Beside the bed, there was a see-through door with white sheer curtains that lead us to the bathroom, dip pool, balcony and sauna room.
Walked into the bathroom, it gave a strong feeling of calm and hygiene, all the colors are perfectly rebounded. They were so sweet and caring that getting a laundry basket ready in the bathroom.
In the bathroom, there's a glass panel on floor so that we can have a peek of the marine life.
When you're too bored, you can just have a glance to the nearby dip pool haha.
It was an indeed amazing environment where you relax your soul and body while enjoying all the luxurious services and gorgeous view.
So spacious until you can do all the selfie everywhere in the room.
End up this post with the perfect sun-rise view on the sea from the balcony. The mood of the sky was clearly reflected on the sea, slightly mystery yet passionate. A scene of the natural earth, serene and harmony.

 Rate and Comment
It wasn't an advertorial but a sharing from my own view. I enjoyed every time spent in the hotel, I can even sitting inside the cabin for the god-damn whole day, it was so relax and I can do whatever I want, even in the pool or just watching TV. Everything was so hygienic and neatly arranged without any flaws. I feel so pleased and cool off. The staffs were so friendly, sumptuous breakfast that covers from Western food to Japanese food. Please, you must try their buffet breakfast and dinner!

Environment: 5/5
Services: 5/5
Hygiene: 5/5

* No joke, I would love to pay my second visit there.
* For more, please feel free to visit


  1. i am planning to go here! when i saw the pictures i was like, is this even legit? then i saw your post, yes, it is just like what they illustrated! so pretty! but the pool is not that private.. Hahaha! but still so nice!

    1. Yup! Seriously, it's a good place to calm down yourself with both view and facilities in the room! :D

  2. wow the images are so easy Fantastic wonderful. =D

    1. Haha. Thanks some to my Boyfie for capturing such nice pictures.

  3. wow, honestly I've heard about it but never bothered to look up
    but its so gorgeous, i am now considering to go! thanks for the post :)
    i mean the views are so insta worthy. lol!

    1. You should go! Definitely INSTA- worthy hehe

  4. Loving place and makes me wanna go too!

  5. Can i know what type of room r u staying🙏


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