Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Number76 Ultrasonic Iron Treatment

Weeks back, I've paid my first visit to Number 76. It was indeed an amazing experience.
Instead of the signature concept and interior design which Number 76 used to be, warm in tone and luxury, the branch in Mid Valley, is quite simple and in cold tone. It features the rock /cement kind of design on the floor and wall. This branch is the most spacious one among all of the branches.
Besides, there's also a see through window with some greenery view out there. With the glares of sun, the overall place looks much brighter and it gives a sense of comfort calm, the symphony of nature. The rock, sun and trees.

Ultrasonic Iron Treatment

A signature treatment from Number76 using a straightener!
Unlike the usual iron, this is a cold iron that can turn from red to blue when attached!

It is enhanced and it has significant effect on all chemicals like hair color, perm lotion and hair treatments.

The technology used was vibration, with 37,000 beats/second that helps separating water, protein and oil particles in hair treatment to much finer particles. The speedy vibration and fine particles helps penetrating easily and deeply into hair, the absorption is much effective.

It was highly recommended for dry, damaged, colored and permed hair.

Step 1:
After hair wash, I was led to my seat and began with the iron session! 

Step 2:
After applying some hair treatment essence, my hair was sectioned and being iron section by section. It was real cool and it took only 15 minutes to get my hair fully ironed. 

Step 3:
Wait no more, I have my hair washed! And, carry on with some scalp care!

Step 4:
After the blow-dry session, the result was shocking! My hair was as smooth as silk!
The overall session took around 40 minutes without styling.

Before the treatment 
My hair was tangled and frizzy at the end!

After the treatment 
My hair was surprisingly smooth and fine, without any knots whenever I glide my hair with my hands. The satin kind of texture GOSH! The hair is naturally flattened without any heating process.
After all, it's time for styling! Thanks Leon for styling me with such sexy big curl which made me look so Japan-ish!
 Meet Leon here :D

Here's the record week by week, as I was told that the treatment can last for at least 1 month! 
It's proved!
Though the 'satin-texture' only last for a week, yet my hair was still moisture and of course silky straight!
I was satisfied with the Ultrasonic Iron Treatment, it works so well and long lasting!

RM350  RM250

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More outlets: 
Bangsar (+603 2284 0076) | Mid Valley (+603 2287 0661) | Starhill (+603 2141 6676) | Publika (+603 6201 2776) 


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