Friday, May 1, 2015

Virgin Brazilian Wax Experience @STRIP Mid Valley Megamall

STRIP, known for its top-notch hair removal treatments, they always hold on to HSQ mantra to ensure the quality of service while meeting every customer's demand.
STRIP ensure the customers are well taken care all the time by selling effective pre- and post-care products. 
Not only in Malaysia, STRIP has made its mark in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and many more countries.

Ministry of Waxing - Strip is now opening at Mid Valley Megamall, the 7th store in Malaysia yet No.42 around the world!

I was so glad to be invited. It was definitely my very first time, been to a 'Waxing store' hehe.

The design concept for every store is very unique, yet serving the best, consistent and quality services or products. So, here's STRIP in Mid Valley.

STRIP Mid Valley is spacious enough to boast 5 comfortable and private treatment rooms.

Let's start with the treatment that I've done!

What is Brazilian Wax?
Brazilian Wax is a hair removal process on your pubic area, including hair around your vagina, perineum and anus, using STRIP's formulated soft/ hard wax.

Why and when we opt for Brazilian Wax? 
  • Going for a swim in Bikini, you wouldn't want that unsightly hair to be shown and adding a little mysterious at your lower body.
  • Save up the shaving job! The hair will grow lesser after Brazilian Wax and the hair only starts to grow after several weeks.
  • Safer. You don't have to deal with razor and avoiding the cut.
  • Hygiene.Especially during period.

Is Brazilian Wax better than other method?

How often should we wax?
Typically , 3 to 6 weeks. Or optionally, frequently as long as your hair is 6mm long. Best to be done a week after PMS.
So, here's the STRIP Chocolate Wax, a formulated hard wax for STRIP signature treatments. It comes with a delicate chocolate fragrance and color which is extremely flexible and able to remove hair as short as 1mm. It's a quick dry wax that can be spread evenly and preventing any discomfort feeling. In a comfortable temperature, it is excellent for sensitive areas like Brazilian, Boyzilian and underarm. Moreover, it's available in Berry flavor as well.

My Thoughts:
It was my very first time been to STRIP and of course Brazilian wax. It was definitely a good one. As a customer, I was in good hand. The staffs there are so friendly that keep talking to me so that I was distracted from the pain.
Before that, I was still worry if it's extremely pain, or the wax was too hot. I even thought of applying wax fully over the area and pulling off straight off. *scary* Yet, all my worries turned none. Both pain and heat were bearable. Whereby, the waxing was done part by part.
After waxing, I felt absolutely clean and comfortable, like back to the old time before 'hair growth' haha. Kid's kind of pubic hmm.
I don't think going for Brazilian is sort of something embarrassed. All the staffs at STRIP are well trained and professional.

STRIP Mid Valley Megamall
Lot T062, 
3rd Floor Mezzanine,

More outlets: Bangsar | The Curve | Solaris | KLCC | Sunway | Penang

For more information and details, please feel free to visit STRIP on
Official Website:


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