Friday, May 22, 2015

Sonny Angel Malaysia turned ELEVEN!

Sonny Angel, the angel of happiness has celebrated its 11th birthday on  May 15th.

What is Sonny Angel?

Sonny Angel, an angelic boy that originated from Japan, it was first created being a companion of all the Office ladies (OL), with an 18cm height. Slowly, it has evolved to be a collectible mini features with 7cm height, who's also a good friend of all that keep good accompany any where, any time!
Collecting a Sonny Angel has becomes so much fun! Besides, the variety of colors and lovable smile, the collector tend to put them on with clothes headgears, leaving our daily a bit more delightful!
The collectors are just like the parents, taking good care of their baby, with a great return of a pleasant smile that keep you away from dull and strenuous life.

What so special about Sonny Angel?
There are 12 Sonny Angels in each series and they are sold in a 'blind box' in hexagon cylinder shape with zero indication of what you are going to get. 'Surprise' is the main concept behind Sonny Angel, the collectors will only know what they are getting after unsealing the foil wrapper within the blind box.
During seasonal periods like Valentine's day, Christmas and Halloween, limited editions Sonny Angels will be released! As you can see from the picture, they are dressed up to suit the special occasions.
If you do notice, each and every facial gestures of the Sonny Angel are slightly different, as they are all hand painted. Thus, it makes Sonny Angels unique and adding a little lively on all of their expressions.

The Secret Angels and Robbys
The Secret Angel will be appearing in each series. They are randomly placed in the box with rarely 10,50 or 100 worldwide.
The best friend of Sonny Angel, Robby Angel may also appears in box randomly especially, the Sonny Angel Standard Series and some of the limited edition series.

Both Secret Angels and Robbys are limited in pieces, hence they bring out the Surprise to their collectors and also are highly demand in the collectible market.
It was an amazing experience which open my eyes wideeeee... And I found something so cute in size and adorable! Like me =P
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