Friday, November 6, 2015

Althea x Magimaxx Aquacel Cream

If I'm not mistaken, the current talk about the latest beauty trends in 2014 will be Horse Oil, it was a craze that started in South Korean and now they are making their way to the world.

What so unique about the Horse Oil?
According to, Horse Oil is known for its properties in healing, sterilize, absorbent and high moisturizing capabilities. 
Besides, Horse Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which making it able to deeply penetrate into our skin without left over greasy feeling. Horse Oil can enhance our skin complexion and texture.

Well, we used to apply snail cream or donkey milk on our face, but why not the Horse Oil and Horse Placenta?
In this Summer, the craze is back and it's even more powerful! In Korea, they have come out with the 1st Premium Facial Moisturizing Cream made with both Horse Placenta and Horse Oil - Magimaxx Aqua Cell Cream.
Ingredients aside, OMG, I'm so fascinated by its packaging! The shape, thickness, textured touch and colors used has made this product leveled with its exceptional and privilege. Simple and elegant.
I have seldom see any textured packaging out there, as they are really costful and especially in mass production.
Unwrapped the packaging box, there is a bottle which made up of glass and wooden cap. Simply nice and environment friendly.
The main ingredients:

  • Horse Oil (Smoothen skin and revitalizing)
  • Jeju Horse Placenta (Restore moisture and skin elasticity)
  • Sea Grape Extract (Consist of natural mineral and vitamin that sooth the skin)
  • Natural Herbal Oil (Natural fragrance)

Besides the amazing ingredients that helps nourish the skin and prevent sign of aging, Magimaxx Aqua Cell Cream is free from paraben, artificial oil, mineral oil and other chemical contents.
Within the glass, there's a inner cap to prevent the content from contamination.
Texture and scent:
It comes with slight baby blue-ish jelly like creamy texture, with a refreshing natural floral scent.

  • Sooth the skin
  • Moisture the skin
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve skin texture
  • Restore skin elasticity
My thoughts:
I really love the scent, it's so relax and delicate. After applying on my skin, I can feel the instant suppleness and hydration on my skin. It's so soft and leaving my skin with zero-stickiness and zero-greasiness. After a week of usage, I can feel my skin are way smoother and it's getting better in complexion. Besides, it's free from 11 chemicals. Gosh! Feel so safe while using this, all natural ingredients and fragrance. No worry if you're having sensitive skin.

Magimaxx Aquacel Cream
Made in     : Korea

Size        : 70g | 2.47 FL.OZ
Price       : RM265 RM150
Ingredients : Horse Oil, Horse Placenta, Natural fruits and floral extracts, Natural Essential Oils
Benefit     : Skin hydration, Enhance skin texture and complexion, reduce wrinkles and fine lines
Link        :
Btw, I got this trendy item from Althea! Item shipped directly from Korea with 100% authenticity and in best price! Sharing my experience here, I often shopped my skincare and makeup products on Althea. All the items are always in cheaper price and I always receive my items in less than 10 days. Moreover, the items come along with a lots of free samples! Oh Well,, we all love free item, don't we? Hehe

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