Sunday, November 29, 2015

Estee Lauder Concept Store @Sunway Pyramid

I am glad to announce that the first in the world Estee Lauder Concept Store has launched in Sunway Pyramind on the 26th of November!
 It was definitely like a dream comes true for every girls to have a mix of fun at Estee Lauder #Beautyplayground, with a whole new experience of beauty transformation journey within this concept store.
I was so glad to be invited to witness the launch, as well as meeting Estee Lauder Global Makeup Artist, Leo Wong during the launch. Hereby, Leo was doing a demonstration of Kendall Jenner inspired makeup, who is also the face of Kendall Jenner.
Have you visited a place that grant your beauty wishes? Estee Lauder is just a place for it, hang out with your girl friends while trying out the latest looks of the season in a fun and relax atmosphere.
#Beautyplaground consists of only 6 play areas, with 'Dream team' beauty specialists that amazingly bring you to a new level of makeover and beauty experience.
1st stop: 'Glow On'
Before moving on to makeup, here's a stop to prep your skin for a perfect canvas. There will be well-trained specialists that guide and sharing their secrets of having a great skin.
2nd stop: 'Glam Up'
A place that full of colors and shades.
You may be just create your unique look here with endless possibilities using all the colors available in store.
3rd stop: 'Get Polished'
A stop to get your nail done as well as finishing up with matching lips color.
4th stop: 'Mix and Mingle'
You may try on the latest fragrances that reflecting your great personality as well as revealing your charming side.
In this stop, there's also a wall of gifts that you might not miss out! Check out for cool gifting ideas for your best friends or even your mom!

5th stop: 'Strike a Pose'
A perfect place for #instagramification. Show off your brand new look of the day. Take a selfie against a digital photo wall, which will be showcasing a list of your preferred background based on different moods and styles. You may just snapping a picture with Kendall Jenner! Who knows?

6th stop: 'Chill with Kendall Jenner'
Last but not least, a stop where you can find all of the Kendall's favorite products and where you get inspired of doing the Kendall's makeup!

For more information, feel free to visit Estee Lauder on
Instagram: #beautyplayground 


  1. I've never been to a full Estee Lauder store before, just the counters in the department stores. It looks amazing.

    I really like the outfit you wore to the event!


    1. yeah, this is the first in the world. guess they will be expanding the store veery soon :D

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