Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fitting Session with Sloggi Zero!

I guess the phrase 'hitting the gym' is no longer strange to everyone out there. It's a current trend and lifestyle that every man and woman picking up. It shows how significant a healthy lifestyle is. Even when we don't have enough time to hit the gym, we tend to walk from campus to food store that's far far away, replacing the elevator with our footsteps, or mingle around with friends from floors to floors. See! We girls love to move around!
In order to fulfill all the fun-loving ladies who tend to make on-the-go move, Sloggi has unveiled the new Sloggi Zero Collection - a collection with super soft and comfortable material, which is even practically invisible to eyes. 
With the tagline feel "free to move, feel free to choose", the sloggi zero collection has undergo a revolution with the Advance Bonding Technology, which using heat to bond for an incredible fit.

An amazing comfortable satin smooth feeling generated by the micro-brush effect on the soft light fabric. Invisible under the clothes with its ultra-flat edges of each bra cup and super-soft lining that ultimately create a perfect silhouette. It is an indeed great collection for girls who love to dress in T-shirts out there.

Soft plush fabrics | superb stretch | thinner cup edge | zero seams

Bras: Push Up Wired Bra, Push Up Non Wired Bra, Push Up Detachable Bra
Briefs: Midi, Hipster

In the new Sloggi Zero collection, it comes with all the gorgeous colors, from bright jewelry tone to pastel milky tone.
Green Jewel | Gloss Pink | Soft Peach | Rococo Pink | Crystal Lemon | Capri Blue

Bras | RM169
Panties | RM59.90
*Available at all Sloggi Counters 

Fitting Session
I was so glad to be invited by Triumph for having such an unforgettable fitting session with Sloggi Zero few days ago. I have never own one single bra set from Triumph since I'm an adult, as I used to fit on LaSenza. After this fitting session, it totally gave me a different point of view.
Before the fitting session, I have actually peeked on the brief and definitely have some eye candy. I was in a dilemma and I really hope I can get all of them because all the colors were just stunning!
After wandering within the world of lingerie, Nicole has briefed me with some information regarding on the Sloggi Zero collection.
After the briefing, she passed me to a friendly staff, she was so delight and helpful during the whole fitting session.
I was led to a fitting room after the measurement. Shh...I'm not gonna share my measurement with all of you here. Tsk tsk tsk..
This was the first ever prettiest fitting room in my life! It was spacious and perfectly furnished! White dominant the room, yet it looked slightly vintage under the dim orange-ish lighting. The room contained of 3 large mirrors, a vaseful of flowers on a white cupboard, a coach and even a quality satin slumber-wear. I was so pleased to fit in this room and deep in my heart, I was saying "I don't mind to keep changing LOL".
After all, I am going to share my favorite bra set here hehe. The first one will be the half-cup detachable bra in soft peach. It's much like baby pink color, so cute and lovely. The color asides, it's so convenient to dress in tube dress without the strap.

The second pick will be the push up wired bra in gloss pink. My first impression was 'OMG, it has lace". Yeap! Why no lace? It's so sophisticated and comfortable! The best part is it doesn't squeeze my flabby meaty flesh out. Besides, the bra cup helps to get rid of the supernumerary breast.
So, finally! I walked away with a set of LACEEEEE! See the material itself does reflect light haha. Furthermore, the briefs is just seductive and astonishing.
Dressing in the Sloggi Zero set, it's just unbelievably comfy! The feeling is like I am not even wearing anything underneath, I feel extremely free to lift my arms, without having the need to adjust the bra. In addition, I really love the push up effects on the bra. You can now even dress in Sloggi zero when hitting the gym or yoga class. Lets get comfy and stylish with Sloggi Zero!

Thanks Sloggi Malaysia and Nicole for the great opportunity!

For more information, please feel free to visit Sloggi Malaysia on
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sloggiMalaysia/
Website: http://www.sloggi.com/my-en/index.html

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