Thursday, November 19, 2015

Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel

After approaching the age of 22, I started to realize that instead of practicing the daily skincare regime, taking care of our own face and neck, the eyes area shouldn't be neglected too. It's where the sign of aging begins. 

I still remember my very first eye cream was from Babor and the second one from Philosophy. It was about 3 years ago. I wasn't fancy in Babor eye cream as the texture are kinda greasy whereas Philosophy eye cream worked great. During that time, I couldn't afford a tiny eye cream from philosophy and I didn't even care about putting on any eye cream. Hence, it ended up expired in the garbage bin. Since then, I have never bought any eye cream.
Till recently, my part-time working fee get to afford my buy - an eye cream from Laneige. Yup! That's what I'm going to share about in this post - Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel.
Texture and Scent

It's in clear white gel texture with a pleasing floral scent.


  • Hydro Ion Mineral Water (moisturizing minerals that swiftly penetrate into the skin)
  • Quinoa Extract (Protect skin from dryness and keeping it supple)
  • Olive Squalene (Retain skin moisture and smoothen skin)
  • Tilandsia Extract (Natural moisturizing factor)


  • Moisture the skin
  • Sooth the skin
  • Relax the skin from tiredness

My thoughts

It's really my instant rescuer. Before that my eyes area were really sensitive, it tends to be really dry and the skin even peel off, especially after make up. I have no idea why it turned out so serious, causing my eye shadow appeared to be cakey and my eyes felt sore all the time. I can't even rub my eyes and all. But then, I have come across Laneige eye gel and I started to use it. It works amazingly and it tends to sooth my skin by keeping it hydrate all the time. Significantly, my skin gets better after only few days of application. Sometimes, I used to mask my eyes with this gel before I sleep.


RM130 | 25ml
* I usually purchase it on Hermo.

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