Monday, May 27, 2013

I want a Havaianas!!!

In conjunction with the Spa party, we need to blog about "WHY I want a Havaianas" to get some entry hehe..

So, why I want a Havaianas?

Firstly, I want to walk in the dark with Havaianas! OMG, Havaianas glow-in-the-dark are so adorable! They are so cute and I think I will never need a torch light whenever I walk in the dark :D I won't fall with Havaianas! Perhaps I can wear flip flops in a club friend can search for me easily by looking at all the feet on the dance floor :p
(PC to google)

Second, I want to wear it to the Butterfly Project's Spa Party! Since it's a Spa Party, we need something comfort, casual and relax! Havaianas will do hehe! Imagine how great it is, wearing a plain bath robe with a pair of chio flip flops with outstanding funky colors xD

(PC to google)
*The color combination not bad right? And the design suits "The Butterfly Project" as well :D*

Besides, they are so colorful! Color did impact in emotions. I believe that colorful stuff are irresistible and looking at all those colorful stuffs can make one happy, being optimism and more energetic!

(PC to google)
*Instead of wearing it, you already feel so happy looking at it, muacks :D*

Last but not least, in the history of Havaianas, I got to know that famous people like Malu Mader and Bebeto wore Havaianas! So I want a Havaianas, I wanna be famous too

By the way, I've collaborated with Cindy on a video- Havaianas our hero!
We have a great time at Havaianas, Pavilion!
It's kinda special experience being chase after by the security guard and dared ourself to snap pictures at the outlet, sort of! Haha!
(Pc to Cindy)
 (Pc to Cindy)

Tho it's kinda embarrassing sometimes, yet it's really fun LOL
We should do something that make our life more lively, out of the box!
Dare yourself to do something that you've never tried or dare to do before that!
So, it will be the most memorable moment instead of the lifeless memory without much fun and thrilling moment.

See how desperate are us to win a pair of Havaianas Flip flop!
It's my first time to join a video recording haha!


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