Friday, May 17, 2013

Le Ann Maxima Spring/Summer Fashion Showcase (Backstage)

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Sorry for updating this post late. Actually you can read this via some other bloggers' blog.
Yet, I am going to blog about my backstage life instead of the complete flow of this show :D

Do you know Duo lips and colored eyeliner is a trend now?
You can knowing all this by reading magazines!
Practiced on Duo lips a day before the show (Fuchsia and orange)
The trendy oranged- eyeliner.

Instead of a serious show ostensibly, the back stage life is even more fun!
I love the feeling after completing a makeup for my model, it's satisfaction and proudness in depth.

A great bond between model and makeup artist is simply a word -TRUST.
Model believes in your skill, believes what's in your character so that you can make them look gorgeous in real and in the photo too.

So, here's some photos of my backstage life at The Scot, Jaya One for Le Ann Maxima Spring/ Summer Fashion Showcase.
The makeup team , look so pro only lolol. The center one is Pinky, ACA's make up instructor.
 All the gorgeous models.



This girl looks so dreamy wtf :3



So gorgeous!!!! Can't take my eyes off her
She is so photogenic!

The cheerful makeup team :D

with our gyiyomi look lol
A successful show always come with a team. Everyone play an important role. It needed the cooperation of models and crucially the backstage team (hair stylist, stylist ,dresser and make up artist)

End up this post with my models of the day :

For more of my makeup services and portfolio : here
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