Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

I am an unstoppable explorer, although I am about 1.5m (round off) in height.
I am a person with extreme curiousity, i love to observe and try anything until i get an answer which satisfy me, unstoppable.

I love to adventure, because you will never know what's happening next until you explore it.
I love to try, everything that come with a Question Mark in my mindset.
I am daring, because i love the feeling on euphoria to unknowns.
I enjoy every moment that I've explore, it's thrilling, it's excited, it's satisfaction. 

I think blindly driving on the road would be my most recent adventure.
I am a partially road blind. I can't recognize road well at least I went to the place more than 4 times, directly from my house to the destination, without turning around the bush so much.
*In previous when i just got my license, I can't even recognize the road from my house to granny's house although my mom have driven me there for more than 10 years LOL*
It's better now la.

It's my first time that I went to Astro Studio at Bukit Jalil.
(I went to Bukit Jalil once during my primary school on Sport's Day. But it's a different one, because we were taking train LOL)
Read clearly the map on Google, jotted down every signboard to Bukit Jalil a day before my travel.
Yet, I gave up my mind to drive there alone and asked my friends to help me. I followed their car to B.Jalil. Since looking for an unknowing place is  really a hard task!
Thanks alot my friends!

Yet, I still drove home alone la.
So I've my first try that day. Drove home without GPS ,blindly.
OMG, how dare I?
Tips: Follow the signboard KL/PJ

In my opinion, Mobile phone is the most essential gadget in my adventures.
Besides needing it for communication/contact purposes, it's also a guide for us since there's GPS
Too bad that although I have a mobile phone but it doesn't have WiFi itself LOL

Astro-On-The-Go allows you to explore and watch your favourite programmes and the best of Astro anytime, anywhere!
Yeah, I've Astro-On-The-Go on my Ipod!
By the apps, I can watch my favorite drama and movies, wherever I am, at my convenient!
Yet, I think I should have download it on my mobile phone also (need to register for a U-Mobile account), so that I can watch it when I am driving /stuck in the jam also LOL

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