Friday, May 24, 2013

Invitation to Butterfly Project's Spa Party!

The Butterfly Project is going to hold a Spa Party on 29th of June!  
Yes! It's a SPA PARTY!
Actually I've never heard of Spa party..I wonder what kind of party is that? Until I googled it....and I got a conclusion.
Spa party is a party to pamper yourself!

A big kiss to The Butterfly Project and all the collaborators for making this a dream come true!
Posh!Nail Spa

So, here are 3 reasons on WHY I will not miss this party:
#1 Since I've never get a chance to join the previous parties for the Bag of Love unboxing Tea Party, the Teaffani Patisserie Tea Party and most recently La Senza Body Kiss Party. I've been sobbing badly with fully regret-ness at home. Plus, I've been blacklisted by Tammy as the Top 10 FFK blogger. OMG! How sad is that :( SO, I WILL NEVER MISS THIS CHANCE AGAIN!

#2 I really enjoy attending events and doing product reviews with the invitation from The Butterfly Project. Being a part of the butterflies, I got to meet new friends who are also love to blog like me! I would love to make more friends by this time, sharing our experiences and having a great moment! So that I will not be this lonely again when attending other events. Feel like I am just having Chency as friend only when ever attending events , neh , all her face lor =0
*haha! I think she will kill me if  she read my post...I am not saying that she not good la, we prefer more friends what hehe :D *

#3 I want to pamper myself lahhhh....Since I am so self-loving. I've never been to any manicures and pedicures. So, I would like to give a shot now! By the way, got good food leh, WHY NO ME??!!Plus, there's a photobooth leh!!! WHY NO ME AGAIN???!! I am a superb camho-lover and photo-bomber! I would like to beautify all the photos with my own face xp
You see! My face! My face again! My face and my face ! Banyak pattern ni.

So, please let me join la..pleaseeeeeeee :(

P/s: If you wanna join this Spa Party, check this link to submit your entry :D


  1. Almost puke out my milo at mamak when I read the top 10 ffk sentence!!!

    Out of the 10 collaborators u choose fotobox to talk about. I know u really camwhore #1 now!!!

    Thx for your honest and :) refreshing entry. Good luck!!!

    Btw scare to invite u, later u FFk again how!!

    1. Hahahaha! I promise I won't la.. Last time clashed with TIGI show ma, btw I did reply the mail u sent me abt the la senza party:0 invite la invite la invite la xD


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