Sunday, December 30, 2012

Boy Boy use VEET too!

i was kinda surprise that i've been told by a boy
He used VEET to shave his hair on the leg !
believe it or not?

i don't know that my previous blogpost on Veet inspired boy so much lor..haha
such an influential post haha!

Let's start with our conversation on Facebook
*I am Amelie and sorry for all the typo LOL*

Oh my god!
maybe i am those kind of traditional-minded lady
I thought that Veet products are for us,female only
Now i know that it's unisex product lol

I know i shouldn't be bias,
male have their right to remove unwanted body hair too
they can have smooth and sexy leg too
they have the right to remove long hair on leg 
or even armpit haha
[photo credited to Google]

I thought removing unnecessary body hair like bikini line, leg are ours task
because it doesn't look nice if we wear denim shorts or skirts while exposing our excessive hair on leg
OR even wearing tank top while exposing armpit hair
it doesn't look okay right?
i think it will be really disgusting LOL
It's like sight pollution meh

Just imagine,
when you are taking public transport like train or bus
a woman beside you is grabbing the bus handle
and you ACCIDENTALLY saw her boosted armpit hair
How irritating?

Then your imagine will be wild
"any smell there ah?"
"like a black forest only"
"is he a guy a?"
"my hair also not that much like her"---- boy

When you pass by those girl who having sunbath on the beach
exposing their massive hair on leg and bikini line
doen't make sense right?

I am not talking bad about girls with excessive body hair
because i am one of them too
we have no choice but we are born that way what
Maybe massive hair can prevent us from getting cold easily
so we can live in northern Arctic
like the cute polar bear
but then as a woman,
it is our job to make sure we look completely good in any situation
We love pretty things and so we must make sure we are pretty too
performing our best aspect that's the beauty

although we don't have pretty face and sexy body line
but then we must ensure we are clean and tidy
so that boy boy won't get away from us ma

by the way,
removing unnecessary body hair ensure our personal hygiene and cleanliness
Now You and I know that Boy Boy use Veet too xD

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