Friday, December 7, 2012

Hair chalk review! The Not-That-Obvious Version

I am finally back!
Sitting for STPM papers lately -.-
i was really suffering during the exam weeks

As shown in the title : i am doing a quick post on Hair chalk
The Not-That-Obvious version
so, you really need to put on your short-sighted or even magnified glasses to ensure you REALLY see the color! 

Before exam,
i have read some blogpost and found out that the hair chalk is kinda interesting!

i tried to get one from Daiso
If you ever try to buy one from Daiso,
the staff always used to tell you "sold-out!"
yeah! It's selling like a hot cake!
Yet, it just cost RM5 with 18 colors in ! LOL
There are two sets of hair pastel if not mistaken
The fluorescent pastel and the basic color pastel

So, i picked the fuorescent one
Like usual, posting a photo of "before and after" is a MUST!
And this is the before
guess which one is me? xD
paiseh la, i just managed to curl my side hair instead of the back one
i can't reach meh xD

This is some Really simple steps to apply the hair chalk (we created one, don't know whether is it like this)
step 1: wet your hair at certain strand which you wanna apply some color on
step 2: apply the chalk on your hair
step 3: dry your hair

For more and details one,you can simply Google on the method of using the hair pastel or video on Youtube

This is how it works:
so colorful meh xD
like the parrots fur 

P.s: Sincerely, i don't really like the hair pastel!
       It made my hair freaking dry loh
       OR maybe previously my hair was already dehydrating liao
       after applied the hair chalk ,almost wilt now ='(
       like the wild grass in my school compound

In fact,
I would like to do highlight instead of using the hair chalk to color my hair everyday
although it is washable, because it may really spoil our hair

Behind the scene:
Both of us are the big fans of SELCA lol
Lastly i would like to thank my friend (liana)for helping me on this post and she made the post title for me too :D
End up with my ego face again :p 

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