Sunday, December 23, 2012

Universal Studio Singapore! [Part2]

USS is one of the hotspot in Singapore!
It's a MUST place that the tourists will visit
After reading so many blog posts about USS
i am so looking forward to go there

There i went!
It's  like a dream comes true!

Attention please :
Load of photos in this post

Here i start off with my #Makeoftheday and #OutFitOfTheDay to USS!
Photo credited to my Casio TR150 ! Mad love ! Oh my god the make up mode is really awesome!
Flawless look wtf!
Love this floral dress =D
look so elegant on it
After having our breakfast at nearby restaurants, we started out journey ......
At Universal Studio Singapore!!!!!

Since it's school holiday, there was kinda lotsa people there..
I cant get a chance to ask the crowd to get off so that i can snap photo alone LOL

Highly recommend to visit USS during festive seasons
Lotsa Christmas decorations there!
Much more fun in this Christmas atmosphere !
(can see me anot??)
A shortie wtf

Huge Christmas tree on the stage! so fancy!

 Firstly, we went for a Madagascar ride!

You  can get a chance to meet Alex, the lion
Chub Gloria, the Hippo
and Marty, the zebra!
They are all so cute Mygawd!

Second, we went to The Far Far Away - Castle!
I have never seen a castle in real LOL
Feel so princessy and i was like in the fairy tale!
with my prince, we live happily ever after ...

It will be better with fireworks lol

 *look so stupid in this photo wtf*

We have a view adventure at Shrek-4D
Challenging our senses! 
The effects are so Fantastic!
You’ll see, hear, and actually FEEL the action as moving seats, water, wind, mist and other special effects put you right in the middle of this fairytale adventure.
Later that, we have a ride at  Revenge of the Mummy

Continued with The ride at Jurassic park
who ever is going to try this, get ready with your rain coat
You gonna get wet or soaked !

[PC to google]
[PC to google]
There is a drying pod whenever you get wet LOL
get ready with $5 LOL
just to get dry
better buy a rain coat la..
it just cost $2

Next, the most heart-pounding Battlestar gallactica roller coaster ride!
Human VS Cylon

the Human coaster reaches speed of up to 90 kilometres per hour without any inversion
This is just ok to me but then....
[PC to google]
[PC to google]
The Cylon- Most terrified coaster for me 
i rated the horrified level --5/5 stars
i almost suffered from heart attack OMG
 [PC to google]

The cylon coaster is a suspended coaster which performs including several inversions in the form of a zero-g roll, a Cobra roll, corkscrews and vertical loops. 
It also plunges into a 5-metre (16 ft) deep pit filled with artificial fog to give thrill seekers the sensation of a near miss with the ground. 
It also includes sudden turns close to buildings emphasizing the sensation of a near miss.

 Lastly, it is the Transformer ride! The thrilling Ultimate 3D ride!
This ride blurred the line between fiction and reality
Fusing HD 3D media and flight simulation technology
MUST try ride
Have some studio walk after those rides 
 Favorite Elmo hairband OhMyGawd!!!
They are too cute
I am not buying it :(
feel like wasting money
The popcorns delight!
who ever want to have some snacks with them during the walk
 Some gift shops..

New Sesame Street Adventure is coming soon!
Sesame street lovers must come!

The "World Number One Best Friend" goes to...........

Okay okay i was just too lucky to get this Friend awards LOL
This thingy quite expensive also i think

Haha! i might look kiddy here ..
Sorry for the immature act LOL
but they are way too adorable :')
i cant stand to snap photo with them
Teehee...we looked alike wtf!
OMG i was as chubby as the penguin man
my feet look exactly like the penguin wtf
I dont know what this animal call..sorry :(
i seldom watch cartoon one
 This musketeer is so lovable :D
Kungfu panda =D eyes...

well.. The most delightful characters in USS goes to.......

The Cat musketeer!
It is too cute lah weih!
never seen a cat can walk , wear boots and hats one xD

 After that, we have our lunch at Louis @USS!
 There's a Giant pizza!
 And i have my vegetarian pasta =D
The deco at candylicious!
those candies tree

 Snapped photo with m&m =p

Shopping haul at USS!
 Elmo stuffs =D
End up with my face with Elmo XD
thanks for reading !
Good night :D
have fun during Christmas eve !


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