Sunday, December 9, 2012

Self potrait camera - Samsung ST600!

I am a very confidence person
even in the way of speaking
clearly shown
Loud (like auntie talking in the wet market) and clear

Moreover, in photos
u can see my confidence Boost LOL
It boosts!!!!

keep on scrolling on the camera screen
it will displays every single of my big face endlessly
yeah, we called this "selca"

it isn't wrong to be selca,
camera makes memories!
It is too bad if we have a camera which we "help" to snap photo of others without a single shot of your own self
"you are eliminated from the good memories when you are trying to make one with others"

So, i would like to intro you this : " Samsung ST600"

It's a dual view , touch screen camera!

Damn convenient for selca to snap photo of themself effortlessly

No need to stretch your hand like dying
or afraid that cant having the perfect shot with the side-and-back displays
Samsung ST600 overcome these problems!
Two screen, twice the fun!

It has a really wide angle(27mm) , gives you a wider field of view!
With varieties of photo modes (child mode, couple shot, auto mode, flash mode ,self shot and etc)

*For girls, they have beauty mode which makes you look flawless Ohmygawd

Equipped with smart face recognition mode, 5x optical zoom, 14.2 Megapix
you can have all great shots!

For more details, check here: Samsung ST600

The latest price at Best Denki @One-utama
they selling at RM1199 if not mistaken

Now, i am selling out my second hand Samsung ST600 at RM500 (can Nego)
Grab it selca! dont miss the chance!

with all the stuff i am having

a mini tripod stand,
2GB and 4GB(if not mistaken,it's in the camera, i don't know how to check) memory cards,
USB cables and charger,
screen protector (used) ,
camera bag (samsung)

 No scratch! it still look nu!

It's a good self-potrait camera for selca!

If you are interested , contact me on Facebook: Amelie Yap
                                                              Email:                                                                           Wechat: AmelieYapOnly
                                                            Twitter: Immateapot
P.s: For KL and PJ, Malaysia only

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