Sunday, December 16, 2012

To Singapore!! [Part 1]


It was my very first time been on the plane
First flight ever in my life

You may laugh at me lol

but then i just wanna share some knowledge and what i feel on the plane!
for those who is same as me,
never been on a plane before
nothing to worry ,it's safe and sound
the train wont fall like what you seen in Final destination
or snakes on the plane LOL

#Outfitoftheday and #makeoftheday to KLIA
make sure you get ready with passport
Checked in 2 hours before your flight
Seated at your gate 40 minutes before boarding
It's time to Fu~~
Fasten your belt and placed your belongings under your seat
It's the sky view from the plane =D
since it's only a 45 minutes flight
i never sleep in the plane
keep my eyes with those clouds
The clouds are so lovely wtf

After checking in at Hotel Michael, sentosa
we went to Orchard road

to have our lunch at EWF
 OhMyGawd, the sour cream onion fries are damn delicious wtf
"Mou dek deng"
you guys Must really try this!
It's damn tasty!

The second day we have tried some SiChuan dishes nearby our hotel
This is the "siao long pao"
damn delicious
with some soup in it and some kind of meatball!
Sichuan Ramen

Besides, we have a ride on SMRT train

It's really a best ride ever
compare to our country
much more cleaner
no awful smell
no squeezing
and it always arrive on time! 

The people there are very tolerate as they wont rush into the train as the train arrive
yet, they let the people come out from the train first

For your information, if you are on an escalator in Sg
make sure you are on the left if you are not rushing
(keep the right pace for those who are rushing in time)
 There are also reserved seat for certain people
(old folks, preggie, kids and OKU)
The sign boards there are clear as there is a labelled map for us as reference
the staffs there are really polite and helpful
they will guide you so that you are on the right track
you will never get lost!

[PC to google, edited]
It's really safe as you see in the picture 
they have built some kind of platform screen door so that
we won't easily get trapped when we are trying to enter the train

In short, comfortable, safe and fast!

It's nightmare,
if you have tried out our country's train..
strike after 5pm (end of working time)

I still remember when my friends and I went to tuition by train
we always used to rush home
if we are late, we need to wait for another 3 rounds
The train are damn squeeze,
they can even stick in front of the train's door and window
you can clearly see their hardship =.=
and the "stink smell"
if you are as short as me, 
you can hardly breath in the fresh air
instead of the overnight armpit smell, 
try to stretch your head like the giraffe to inhale some fresh air wtf
but it's useless also,
then you turn out smelling people's hair with sweat
sometimes you can really get mad with that!

In our country, the train may also delay for 30 minutes
sometimes 1-2 hour =.=
that's why we used to skip tuition

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