Thursday, June 6, 2013

Acer & Intel "PLAYsure Redefined Party

I'm sure all the bloggers enjoyed the "Acer & Intel PLAYsure Redefined Party" held at Poppy Garden like I do!
And you know what? So coincidence that all my blogger friends did red lips too LOL *
 Got to know Cindy (Cindysplanet) and Alice (AliceInWonderland) earlier at some events :D
All the gorgeous girls with bold lips on hehe!
We were way too sexy babe Xp

There's a photo booth and props too!
Again photos overload LOL

 OMG this was too squeeze la, hahaha, and some of us can't reach at all
After camho-ing at the photo booth, all of us got to have some good food and a short presentation by Acer on their latest Aspire P3 and R7 were given!

I love the competition part because it was thrilling and excited!! We were divided in groups and competing within each other by answering questions!
 Our group members were having a discussion! This section really bonded us as well! We got to know and talk to each other.
After that, was presentation sections, all of us got our brain juice squeezed to the max.
That all of us need to present some kind of "what's the impact of Aspire R7 in our daily life?"

The premium design of Aspire R7 Notebook weighted 2.4kg and with 15.6 inch making it easy to grasp and carry, bringing total convenience at your finger tips.
Aspire R7 is a revolutionary notebook that redefine the touch and type computing experience.
With its 4-in-1 design, it can be smoothly convert into 4 different modes- Notebook, display, tablet/pad and ezel. The unique design of Aspire R7 delivers immersive content experience and functions based on their usage needs.
(PC to google)

Moreover, Aspire R7 stood out from among 4662 entries to receive the "Red Dot Award :Product Design 2013". It stands for aesthetic forms, well thought-out innovations and groundbreaking trends: the sought-after and internationally acclaimed red dot. The judging process based on functionality, innovation, symbolic and more.

Continued with song playing by our prettiest DJ ,using the Aspire P3

 If you do read my previous post on Aspire P3 Ultrabook, you will get to know what is it.

It's a world's first convertible ultrabook, a tablet with a detachable keyboard.
The screen can be angled or folded down or flip in any mode without popping out the case.
It's operated with Windows 8, weighted only 0.79 kg (without keyboard) and 9.95/10.15mm thick, convenient for us to bring around with 6 hours battery life.
Besides, Aspire P3 optimizes for entertainment purposes with 11.6 inch HD display with IPS technology and wide 170 degree viewing angles.
It's an ideal mobile computing device for users who create and consume content.

The party ended up with lucky draw sections, and both of them got to win G-D concert tickets

We have a blast during the party!
See how happy the girls were lol
Haha!Thanks for reading:)

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