Sunday, June 23, 2013

Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant Grand Launch!

Elegantology has a magnificence grand launch last month, having few well known celebrities to rock the model runway like Amber Chia, Lawrence, Royce Tan and more.
Besides, there's bunch of VIP and famous people attended these grand launch as well, shared a blasting yet elegant night!

"Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant is a creative space offering exclusive men’s fashion and lifestyle products through co-creations with reputable local designers. In the meanwhile, it also houses a restaurant helmed by two local celebrity chefs ( Sherson Lian and Johnny Fua) using the best ingredients and keeping the menu evolving to create new dining experiences."

I was so happy to share the night at this grand launch as well, because it's really an awesome one!
Thanks Chency for the invitation again lol.

(PC to Kenneth Yap)

Followed by load of photos during and after the show.
I did not snapped much photos during the event because it's really crowded there, I can't manage to get a nice shot and the models walked quite fast lol.
So, here's some not-too-bad shot from me.

Amber Chia

Fashion designer, Cris Yong
 (PC to Kenneth Yap)

But if you wanna check out more about the fashion showcase, click in the picture below.

Followed by the celebrities group.
JoJo 吳俐璇
(PC to Kenneth Yap)
Lawrence 王冠逸
(PC to Kenneth Yap)
(PC to Kenneth Yap)

It's a fabulous show!
I have never seen or known that there's a collaboration of both fashion gallery and gastronomy, achieving the mutual goal.
And here's the Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant, a platform for creativity!
Check them out on Facebook or official website.

 (PC to Elegantology)
 (PC to Elegantology)
Breath-taking scenery right. Feel so comfortable to dine with friends here.
Enjoying sophisticated tastes of food and allowing man to rise above with style.

If you wanna pay a visit, they are located at 
35, Level G2, Publika,
Solaris Dutamas, 
1 Jalan Dutamas , 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

By the way, I met Jospeh Germani after the launch!
OMG, I was damn excited, I am a FAN of him!
I watched every video of him, but I've never think of meeting him in real, at the car park!
LOL never thought of meeting anyone in the car park.

He is really cute and polite and friendly.
Sorry for the blur out picture, I only have one and the only shot. =(
I am sure you can recognize his face right?
and my face?? LOL..

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