Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Triumph Private event ( backstage)

So glad that I was invited to join the backstage make up job from Amber Chia Academy although I've graduated for a month.
This time, I was involved in Triumph Private Body Make-up event at Damansara Performing Arts Centre in Damansara Perdana.

"The new exciting Triumph Body Makeup collection was aptly presented, bringing out the key features of the range – high definition invisibility, lightweight, comfort and a range of colors to match different skin tones. Models of different skin tones showcased the collection perfectly" - Triumph International Malaysia
(PC to Triumph International Malaysia)
Every woman wants a bra but feel like it's not there.
"The incredible Body Make-up range comes with patented Memory Cushion cups that mould to your individual body contours for the ultimate comfort, shape and a super-smooth fit."

(PC to Triumph International Malaysia)

After a short brief on the new Triumph collection, I am going to show you guys some photos behind the scene again.
Instead of blogging about the event, this will be the backstage experience of mine!

 *The makeup team*

After setting up our make up tools and camwhored few photos of us like usual, we started to work.

Model of the day in nude make up.

I was so happy to work with Amber as she is really friendly and professional.
Did Amber lips make up and touched up by my guru, Jil
(PC to Triump International Malaysia)

 (PC to Triump International Malaysia)

Beside working for the backstage, I also witnessed an incredible showcase, presenting Triumph new collection because only VIPs were invited.
*I am not VIP tho *
These collections are extremely perfect, highly invisible, those models like naked lol, love all the nude-ish color lingerie!
(PC to Triump International Malaysia)
(PC to Triump International Malaysia) 
 (PC to Triump International Malaysia)
 (PC to Triump International Malaysia)
"I always love a comfortable smooth Bra in Nude colour that can hide snugly under anything I wear. Triumph’s Body Make-up range is perfect. So invisible, feminine and comfortable, makes me feel sensual like I am wearing nothing!" - Amber Chia

After the event, I did something stupid with my friends!
Snapping photos with the stage's props LOL
This is Veron from A Cut Above.

The sofa that Amber lied on during the showcase haha!

End up this post with few photos of me with my friends grabbing food lol!

Thanks for reading!

P.s: To check out more of the new Body Make up collection during the private showcase.

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