Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kinohimitsu, Beauty & the Bliss workshop

I am sure you have seen Kinohimitsu's products in Guardian and Watson nationwide.
They are mostly displayed nearby the cashier counter.

Kinohimitsu mark their presence at stores all around Asia Pacific not only in Malaysia but also Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and China.
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 I am sure there's lotsa commercial advertisement on Kinohimitsu's products and Tavia Yeung is one of the ambassador of Kinohimitsu.

Actually this was my very first time trying out beauty drinks and of course first experience in joining Kinohimitsu, Beauty & the Bliss Blogger Workshop.
Thanks for the invitation from The Butterfly Project.
 (PC to Chency)
 (PC to Chency)

Kinohimitsu, the secret of plant life, offers products focusing on health related and enhancement functional drinks. Kinohimitsu was reported as the No. 1 Selling Beauty Drink and Collagen Drink across Malaysia and Singapore from 2008 to 2010.

I felt super sweet when I was lead to my seat with my name on a tiny clipboard.
"You can take anything from your table"
Haha! I took all of them, love the tumbler :3

These are all the products displayed during the workshop.
Kinohimitsu Japan Collagen Diamond is useful in restoring youthful, resilience and radiant skin. Repairing damaged collagen and minimizing the signs of aging.
Firm and moisture-plumped skin in a bottle!
Kinohimitsu Japan Collagen Men, obviously for men as stated. Get rid of men's skin problems! Reducing fine lines, oiliness, dehydration, scars and many more needs of men's skin.
Kinohimitsu Japan Stem Cell, the one and only anti-aging drink that you ever need! Rejuvenating and re-energising every body cells of us, make us look younger and delay aging!
Kinohimitsu Japan D'tox Juice and Tea effectively flushing out the toxins in our body by increasing the peristalsis movement in bowel and helping fortify the body's defenses!
Avoiding constipation and reduce excess weight.
Kinohimitsu Japan Beauty Drink- Collagen instantly restore the collagen lost in our body, preventing sagging skin and maintain firmness of our skin.

Unpacked my door gifts from Kinohimitsu and I was so surprised.
Kinohimitsu are so generous by giving us a pack of Kinohimitsu Japan Beauty Drink-collagen and Japan D'tox Juice (6 Days Program).
 No worry with the taste, it tastes just nice, fruity!It doesn't taste like marine's collagen indeed!
 Feel safe to try them out because they are all additives and preservatives FREE! OMG
 So cute somemore, they gave a Certificate for my bloggie  =p

Feel superb terror after the workshop.
As the presenter said, we will start losing collagen by the age of 20, unhealthy lifestyle and stress can lead to pre-mature and aging!
Grab yourself a Kinohimitsu drinks now!

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