Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Havaianas - The Real One -

Hey dear readers, do you still remember a blog entry on I want a Havaianas that I've submitted and collaboration on a video with Cindy'd planet?
You gonna be super jealous now, bouncing angrily like angry bird xD

*click for video*

Hooray! No joke huh. I won a pair of Havaianas Flip Flop!
Not a fake one from night market or picture credited to Google huh, it's the genuine one hehe, and so it makes the blog title as well .
Actually it's a famous slogan for Havaianas in 1970.

In the Havaianas history, first pair of Havaianas was born in 1962. As decades drift by, Havaianas hasn't stopped creating fashion trends, with new prints, new colors and models. Now, it has become a big brand spreading worldwide  and it can be found in more than 60 countries.

Thanks The Butterfly Project and Havaianas Malaysia, with lots of love! Now, I owned one!

Gonna share my Havaianas experience here so you guys won't miss out any detail of my happiness!
Got myself ready with casual outfit and make up on, because I gonna snapped photos there!
Here, we reached Havaianas, Pavilion, oh yeah.

There are tons of choices @@
 But for the winners of Havaianas, we are choosing the Slim series, which they are created to please women even more and they are nowadays the brand icon.
Choose my favorite color, pink? 
Actually they are just left with sand grey, brown and pink one. So, I have to choose pink. No choice.

Ok, it's very frustrating for me to try for shoes size. 
Because my feet is really small in size, I think 35 and it makes it so hard for me to find the perfect shoes size in the market.
So, my mom advice me to buy shoes in child department .
This pair is still kinda large for me, but it's the smallest size they have. Anyway, they are still comfortable on my feet! Yaaaayy!!!
By the way, the outstanding pink flip flop make my skin color glow as well, much more fairer!
Not bad huh? My toes look so cute with this pink flip flops :p
Thank you so much! I got my Havaianas homed!
Moreover, anyone want a free trip to Bali? 
Havainas is hosting a contest for those who spend RM150 and above in their shop. 
So, do check them out at Pavilion and KLCC!
 Show off here with my love, no sharing with you  =3
 Opps! Forget my partners of the day, my bro and Chency, thanks for accompanying for the whole day!

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