Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amber Chia Academy Graduation Show 2013 (Backstage)

If you have not read my previous post on the graduation show, please don't mind to check the link here .

This post will be flooded with photos... let the photo speaks for me :)
You will also get a chance to see their make up closer and you will know how hilarious they are.

I went to KPMA room to disturb :p
The make up artists :)

Don't forget all the costumes were handmade by make up artists as well, not only the makeup.
So, appreciate their hard work.
Presented here the era make up.

Ah yen's model.

Susu's model.
Sherman's model

Malory's model

Got back to my own bridal room after naughty-ing around xD
Sponsored wedding gown by Keith Kee's Couture.
But for all those headpieces, were all handmade by makeup artists.
Presented here the bridal make up with 4 seasons.
My model, Chloe Chen, Ms Malaysia World with winter makeup.
Glad to work with her, she is really friendly!
Spring make up.

Summer make up.

The helpers of the day! And the one on red dress is Pinky Chia, my makeup instructor.
All the gurus were working on futuristic's makeup.
 Quennel's masterpiece!
Jill's masterpiece!
 Pinky's masterpiece!

Guess who I met? KouJee, the famous beatboxer in Malaysia and his student!

Saw my banner, aha!
And here's Chency attended my graduation show, support me!
muackssss, love ya :3

So coincidence, my friend, Fish, wore the same skirt as mine!

End up here with this picture from Amber Chia Academy's page on Facebook, love it!
I look so slim and tall lol

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