Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SKIN 79 CC Cream Correct [Review]

Recently, I have received a tube of  CC Cream for review purposes. I was so happy as I have not tried CC cream so far instead of BB cream.
Both BB cream and CC cream can be all-in-one products as they cover the functions of moisture, sunscreen, primes, oil control and skin coverage. Yet there are still some differences between them.

Lets make it clear what are the differences between BB (Beauty Balm) cream and CC (Color Correcting) cream.
With no doubt, CC cream are similar with BB Cream yet it amped up a bit more on skin care benefits. They're a little heavier on anti-aging, helping with uneven skin tone, age spots, wrinkles and other simple skin issues. BB cream will be more on skin coverage, but CC cream more on anti-aging and skin improving properties.

So, this is CC Cream Correct from SKIN79, namely a triple functional CC Cream.
It contains sunblock up to SPF 30 PA++, as in general most of the BB cream I owned was up to SPF 15 PA++ only. Besides, it contains whitening and wrinkles improvement ingredients.

The texture of this CC Cream is slightly light and thinner with very light pinkish color. It consists of micro capsules which carry mineral ingredients as they can add on a little natural glow to our skin. Moreover, it is rich in Amino Soothing complex for relaxing stressed skin while making it healthier and more elastic.

Here's a picture of me before and after applying SKIN79 CC Cream Correct. 
Before applying CC Cream
Clearly seen that  there's redness and dark spots on my skin, with obvious pores, dry and dull/uneven skin tone. *I have big pores wtf* 

After applying CC cream
My skin complexion is better, looking fairer and smoother. It covers the redness/dark spots and pores on my face effectively. It is more hydrate after all with natural healthy glow.

What's so special about this CC cream? 
It's made in KOREA!
When we come to actresses in Korea drama, they appear to have fair, soft and transparent skin!
So here comes SKIN79 CC Cream Correct, it makes my skin look so Korean wtf.

 Haha! I am now confidence with my halfly bared face =p

All thanks to SKIN79 CC Cream Correct for making my life easier haha as I can skip few steps on skin care and makeup!

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  1. The payoff is really good!I love how it brighten up your skin and it looks healthy.Though its a bit pricey for a 35ml product :(

    1. Yea, it's kinda pricey. Yet I really love how it moisture up my face :) Quality pays :O

  2. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this CC cream so I really want to try it too.

  3. It looks great! I haven't tried a CC cream yet but I really want to! x

    1. You should try it out! They are having promotion! :D

  4. Hi, may i know what software you use to edit the before and after? thanks sweetie ^_^


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