Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Party, @Loft KL [Backstage]

LOL Perhaps it isn't too late for me to blog about this Halloween Party! Luckily I have attended this - first Halloween party in my life, although I was working as a make up artist there but I still have lotsa fun! We snapped lotsa pictures!
I was quite sad as I can't manage to attend Allianz Halloween Party with my babe bloggers as I have to attend semi-final for UTAR Singing competition that day. Feel sucks, when things clashed. To be lucky enough, I am one of the finalist teehee!

This post will be all about my backstage experience for the Halloween Party at @Loft KL.
Before that, all of us have to get our self done with Halloween Makeup at ACA. Lets scan through all of ours halloween makeup.
Make up done by my buddy, Susu while hair done by my guru, Desmond.
So I call this look as a cute paper doll with two huge hairy earphone LOL

So, this is my sexy vampire guru, Desmond.

Here's Susu with vampire look again and my coach, Pinky in injured kitty look. Pinky insisted to have a pretty image. LOL

Nico with his awesome zombie makeup done by Desmond! So creepy OMG

Nym Yan with her half mask.

Regine with her wicked spider-woman makeup .

Spot a eerie doll?? OMG she suited the dolly make up so well with her outstanding face features. *jelly*

 Jenny with her broken doll look.

With both Fion and Fish!

A scary face wtf!

A gorgeous devil .

With all the girls.
Us in the dark. So ghoulish.

 One of our expert, Elle.

Halloween make up that done by me on that day, maybe it's not that perfect because I am graduated from bridal makeup instead of this kinda special effects and I didn't practice before. But I am so happy that I can try special effects make up on that day and I am satisfied with all of that. Thanks ACA for this amazing opportunity.

 Evil Queen.

 Halfly make up done by me. Add on makeup for the 'broken parts' and blood.

 Vampire look. He said he don't wanna look disgusting haha.

First try on creating scars.

End up with this picture taken at the entrance of @Loft.
Hope you guys enjoy reading this. I'm just sharing some backstage experience and make up as usual :)


  1. lolll!! wowww urs so creepyyyyy!!

    1. Haha! Halloween ma :p should be scary and creepy

  2. Amazing looks! You're so talented :)

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