Sunday, November 10, 2013

TruCare Nano Silver Toothpaste [Review]

Every morning we start off our day by brushing our teeth *should be opening our eyes right? I know LOL*. It's a must do action to keep our breath fresh and hygiene!

Here, #Manoah has introduced us TruCare Nano Silver Toothpaste. It is an all-in-one oral care solution which known for its Nano Silver contents within! It can combat harmful bacterial, heal ulcers, relieve gum aches and eliminate bad breath!

There's more function of Silver! It can strengthen weak enamel and whiten our teeth!

For the packaging itself, it's in simple silver color, fully delivering a message of its 'Nano Silver Protection!'

What does Nano Silver Protection means? 
It refers to the effectiveness in eliminating harmful microbes within our oral cavity. The protection itself comes from Nano Colloidal Silver which is known to be capable of removing 650 types of bacterias and viruses.

Open up its cover and it is sealed for hygiene purposes as it is not exposed to the air and the ingredients within is still fresh till we peel it off.

What so unique about this TruCare toothpaste? 
It contains Ag+ RapidHeal factor which is capable to accelerate the body's healing process in oral cavity. So, if you often have ulcers and bleeding gums, you should get one of these!

How do I feel after using TruCare Toothpaste?
My teeth is not that sensitive towards cold things! Before that, whenever I consume ice-cream, I will feel the electric shock goes through my teeth LOL, but now, NO MORE!
Besides, it's damn minty, I got no bad breath! I am now dare to laugh/ talk with my mouth big big =P
Since my teeth is already white originally, so I can't really make a different before/after using TruCare Toothpaste and I don't really have ulcer.

Now you can Laugh Out Loud with TruCare ToothPaste!
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