Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Most Affordable Beauty Box - Modbox [Review]

I bet beauty box is a thing that everyone familiar with. Nowadays, subscribing beauty box online is a trend! People able to try things out from luxurious to normal brand which cover all ranges (from head to toes) before really purchasing them in the store.
Yet, there's so many beauty boxes in the market, which is the affordable and complete beauty box?
It's MODBOX! The most affordable beauty box in the town!

Believe it or not? It's just cost RM9 and you can choose the samples that you want to try! No worry if you get something that you don't fancy.

For the packaging, though it's not that attractive and colorful yet it's eco-friendly and reusable.
Lets see what's in the box.
 1. Kneipp® Lavender Herbal Body Oil (100ml | RM67)
     A natural based body oil that contains of essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E which can leave our skin with smoothness. With its therapeutic lavender scent, it can relax our body and mind.

     Kneipp® Eucalyptus Herbal Bath (100ml | RM67)
     A healing bath treatment which is good for flu and allergies as it is infused with eucalyptus which can clear congestion.

     Kneipp® Almond Blossom Body Lotion (200ml | RM89)
     A formulated and natural based body lotion which high concentration of hydrating ingredients that deeply nourish our skin. 

2. Human Nature® Moisturizing Shampoo with CreamFoam (50ml@RM11.90 | 200ml@RM22.90| 500ml@RM44.90)
    A all natural, SLS-free moisturizing shampoo. With its proprietary CreamFoam Technology, it can rescue dry and damaged hair, leaving us healthier and softer tresses.

3. Lavera® Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream
    It contains organic almond oil and Shea butter, greatly moisturizes and nourishes hands It's good in protecting and keeping our hand moisture in air-conditioned environment.

4. Murad Resurgence® Hydrating Toner (180ml | RM128)
    A toner which can help us restoring our skin's suppleness to its former glory. Rehydrate, balance and neutralize surface impurities.

5. Dermedex® Challenge Pack 
    Biotox Cleanser (50ml | RM120) 
    A deep cleansing cleanser which can unclog pores for a brighter and clearer complexion.
    Refining Cream 2 (30ml | RM165)
    A treatment cream which contain Chinese herbs and western technology, effectively treat skin problems, clear acne and resist blackheads.

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