Monday, November 18, 2013

WONJIN, the best private cosmetic medical centre is NOW in Malaysia!

In the past few years, there’s a trend of having cosmetic surgery or we can call it as an extension of beauty.  Everyone has different view and define on beauty. Some may think that being the true self and the natural site of us are the prettiest one. Some may think that internal beauty matters as it reflects on one's physical appearance . 
It depends on how we define the phrase BEAUTY.

Personally, I do think that physical appearance matters in real life. It may sounds cruel and realistic huh.
Firstly, be true and tell me, do you see any ugly face on commercial, advertisement field, hitting the runway, and being on the cover of magazine? 
Second, assume that if you are a male, who do you prefer, a pretty girlfriend or an ugly one? Who can truly be not attracted by hot chick?
Third, be sincere, you prefer looking at pretty girls or ugly one in  photos? Check your Instagram.
It's all about desire and greediness, So it lead us to go for perfection.

For me, I don't think that I'm pretty enough, I bet some of the girls out there feel the same way like I do. There go the ladies spending millions in Korea for walk-in consultation and cosmetic surgery. Who doesn't want a sharp and outstanding features?
*If you are confidence enough with your own beauty and prefer on the terms of 'I am born this way', keep it up =) It's good as you are happy and satisfy with what you have.*

Grand Opening of WONJIN

Here's a great news for all the ladies, WONJIN, the best private cosmetic medical centre in South Korea is now opened in Malaysia! The opening of WONJIN in Malaysia is to meet the demands or needs of Malaysian, bringing us the utmost services or satisfaction with more than 40 experienced surgeons and experts.

Press Conference
" We understand how this is a life-changing procedure for most and the journey, treatment and post-surgery care should go smoothly, seamlessly and successfully. This is why we felt the need to collaborate with renowned and trustworthy brand like WONJIN'', said Dorothy Ng, co-founder of WONJIN Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

WONJIN promises reliable, quality and professional services. They even took care of clients from the minute they step into WONJIN till the completion of post-surgery care.

Dr.Park Won JIn, founder and practicing surgeon at WONJIN boasting a steady portfolio of clientele which include celebrities Nicole from KARA, actresses Lee Cheong Ah and even R&B sensation Kim Bum Soo!

Services offered in Malaysia and South Korea

Treatments offered

- Face
Double eyelids, eye bag removal, inner/outer corner eyes extensions, rhinoplasty, nose tip correction, nostrils reduction, facial contouring and fat grafting
- Body
Breast enlargement, liposuction, fat injections, breast reduction, hip augmentation, tummy tuck
- Laser Skin Treatments
Whitening, scar removals, pigmentation removal, belody laser for slimming and lifting
- Hair Growth
Correct balding issues with hair grafting
- Anti-aging Treatments
PRP, Stem cells
For more information and inquiries, visit or walk-in

WONJIN Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd
B1-8, Plaza Damas 3,
No.63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas, KL


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