Thursday, December 26, 2013

3D Murals at The Atmosphere, Sri Kembangan (The ArtSphere20/80)

The grand launch of The Atmosphere and The Artsphere 20/80
I have always think of visiting 3D street art in foreign country. I used to watch all the awesome photos online, knowing all the famous street painting and being amazed. Now it comes alive indeed, right in Malaysia and there are 80 of them right in The Atmosphere, Sri Kembangan!

I believe this will be the most diverse 3D Mural collections in Malaysia which contributed by 20 international and local artists! 

Here's the invitation card which look so 3-Dimensional as well.

What makes 'The Atmosphere' unique?
It consisted highest collection of murals in just a single location. It's a hub for arts, culture, nature, lifestyle and community. An ideal location for specialty stores, showrooms, boutiques, bistros, cafes, restaurants and banks. The wide boulevards are perfectly suited for weekend kiosks and flea markets.

A tour with Murals
To capture a great picture and create a great illusion, angle plays a big role. There's a foot print image on the floor, so that we can stand at the right place to capture the best picture.

The three robots

The public phone 

I am on a bike! Vroom vrOom ~

 The books are falling down~

 Illusion stairs of the galaxy

 Being kidnapped by the UFO

 I am a great shooter!

 The cubic stairs in darkness

 The bed

The big bird

 Walking on the railway

 Having a mad hatter party with Audrey

 A car that break through the wall

 The tree and the trunk

Do I look like a mermaid?

 Rooster which drop me a card.

 We are communicating LOL

 Act like a stupid with Kifli =P

 Stairs which lead us to rainbow

 The pianist, Amelie

 I'm at a payphone in London

 Climbing out the stairs with a girl

 Evil hands.

Audrey is trying to save her hubby.

Strike a POSE contest

All of us can't stop posing in front of all the murals art, snapping pictures like nobody care! All the murals are so interesting and we seems drowning in a world of fantasy!
Are you creative enough? 
Are you a great selfies?
Are you an amazing poser?
Here's a simple Facebook contest right created for you, strike a pose with the murals at The Atmosphere and you can stand a chance to grab away fabulous prizes up to RM15000: 
The 'Most Liked Photo' and 'Most Creative Photo'.

* The place is open to public with free admission*
For more information and details, visit The Artsphere 20/80 Official |

The Atmosphere Sdn Bhd
A joint venture company between Eksons Corporation Berhad & Tempo Properties Sdn Bhd
1-3, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 2,
Taman Prima Tropika,
43300 Seri Kembangan,

+603 8942 3663

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