Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dinning at Thirty8, Grand Hyatt Hotel

Sorry for updating this post that late LOL, I just wanna share my experience dining at Thirty8 as there's few of you are curious and texted me privately about the dining, should be more specific, le cake haha!

It's actually my bestie, Jeffrey's birthday who you guys have seen him appeared quite often in my previous blog post.

Of course BIRTHDAY BOY TREATS yay! *Thank you Boss*

I have been wondering how's the feeling dining with the twin tower (KLCC) and try out their signature cake which I heard it fogs LOL. Here I went!

The experience there was not bad, yet I found it quite formal LOL. If you know me well, you should have know my character, I am NEVER the GENTLE one, I don't really like to dine in 'restricted' place, feeling uncomfortable.

So, here's the signature cake from Thirty8 which doesn't fog. I took picture after the fog went off teehee =D (Sorry for the blur picture)

Here's the usual one you guys saw online or on instagram. (PC to
The chocolate cake is delicate as it's not sweet, well blend with the topping which is butterscotch on the layered cake. It is also served with ice cream at the side.

With my cousin sister.

Besides restaurant, Thirty8 consisted of a wine bar and a lounge as well. 

We have plenty of wine there.

Snapped picture with the long stairs which we saw lotsa people did haha!
Have quite a great experience dining there because I have never dinned in somewhere which is so high class and they have amazing performers! Well, the waitstaffs there were well-trained LOL, they can sing birthday song really well, like those vocal singers haha!

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  1. Hi
    I love your blog - makes me miss malaysia! luckily I am coming back to visit with my family next month and was wondering if you could recommend some restaurants or anything ? Thirty8 looks amazing!

    love G


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