Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Beauty Resolutions for 2014 x Yadah Tea Party

----------------------------------- My Beauty Resolutions -----------------------------------
Put on SPF everyday
Guess recently I have been suffering hard from sun burn and Tammy told me that I have become tan. I did a skin analysis earlier and the skin expert said that I really need to be really hardworking putting on sun block or else there'll be lotsa pigmentations on my face. Guess better cover my face with cloth everyday, leaving with the eyes part =.=

Discover more eye shadow colors
I always play safe with brown eye shadows as it looks much more natural. I will be trying out more colors as I don't feel like wasting my full color palettes hehe. I feel happy as well playing with different colors. Something like below?

*They said I am advertising for TOP*

Do 5 to 10 minutes workout every night before sleep
Hmm.. guess I need to do the 'bike workout' on bed to slim down my feet. They are way too fat OMG. 'Sit up' on the bed to build up a bit of my '2 packs' LOL? It's somehow an enjoyable moment, working out on the comfy bed.

Learn to swim
I am still learning the way to 'breath' in the water. I want to keep my body fit and healthy. *Buff BUff* Self-learning in progress.

Keeping my hair long, smooth and silky
I am still in progress keeping my hair long, trim my hair twice a month, just to cut off all the damage part which I bleached earlier. I want them to be smooth and silky in the future.

Focus on my skincare routine
My skin is really dry and pores has become bigger like grapes' seed. Putting on moisturizing mask for three times a week. Patting on moisturizing cream. Drink more water to get myself and my skin be in hydrated condition all the time.

Discover more natural and organic based skin care products
Products which I used right now are quite aggressive and causing a little inflammation to my skin. I need to discover something much more natural and organic based skincare products, gentle yet effective on my skin.

----------------------------------- Yadah Tea Party -----------------------------------

Oh yeah and I gonna share all my beauty resolutions with all the butterflies on Yadah Tea Party! Trying out and get to know more about Yadah's products for a beautiful me in 2014.
Come and join us bloggers, share the beauty!

A big thanks to TheButterflyProject and YadahMalaysia for hosting this.

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