Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dettol Radiance Body Wash

To meet the need of women's beauty, getting rid of tired and unhealthy skin which exposed to surrounding pollution or perspiration that comes with hectic lifestyle, Dettol has launched the new Dettol Radiance. It's formulated by combining Dettol's trusted protection which is anti-bacterial with a blend of skin-benefiting Vitamins and moisturizer to reveal our skin's inner beauty and glow in radiance.

---------------------------------------- Ingredients ----------------------------------------

Dettol Radiance can remove impurities that causing our skin dulls and nourish our skin, making it glow with health. Blend with Vitamins C and B3, it keeps our skin rejuvenated, smooth, bright and hydrated. As we know, Vitamin C is known with its antioxidant properties while Vitamin B3 is the secret behind younger or firmer skin. Besides, it contains Glycerine which is 5 times more moisturizers that hydrates our skin and retain its moisture lever for longer period.

---------------------------------------- Advantages -----------------------------------------
  • Deep Cleanse and germ-fighting
  • 5x moisturizing
  • Antioxidant
  • Gentle to all skin type 
  • Protect our skin from free radicals and dirt
  • Younger and firmer skin 
  • Healthy radiance 

---------------------------------------- Review -----------------------------------------
The texture is light and with slight peachy pink in color. Personally, I love its floral scent! It's very fresh and soothing. After using it, I can instantly feel the smoothness and hydration on my skin.

*Dettol Radiance Body Wash is now available in all major hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide!

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  1. well, didn't know detol got promote new product~ haha

    Regards, www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  2. I'm a college kid and this keeps my budget down low, soap can get expensive but this certainly does the job for a good price. (BLACKWOOD FOR MEN)


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